Friday, July 4

The Messiest Room in the House - Organising

Is there a room in your house which just

   Sooooo Embarrasses you 

that you want to keep the door tightly closed but it is a room that you are always needing to go into?

For me it could be the Study or the Utility room and at the moment it is both but it is easier to shut the door to the study and not have anyone see the mess as they pass by on the way to the bathroom.

The Utility room however is just not so easy to hide.

  • It is directly off the kitchen so anyone in the kitchen could easily see the mess if the door is open and because we have a seating area in the kitchen people usually just come on through and sit there - just opposite the door to the utility room.
  • To go out to the back patio/garden we have to go from the kitchen through the Utility room. (We can also go out through the Sun Room so that is what I normally try do when anyone is around.)
  • Our kitchen doesn't have a place for a largish bin so we keep it in the Utility Room and of course that means in and out of that room all the time.
  • The recycling bin is kept in the back toilet and the medicine cabinet is also there which is off the Utility Room so again in and out a lot.
  • If we were using the garage it would be worse as we would then walk through it from the garage to the kitchen.

So what is the problem with that Room?

  • Washing piles can accumulate because washing machine and dryer are there.
  • Ironing piles overflow because I always get behind with the ironing even though there are only two of us permanently in the house.
  • Things I haven't got a home for in the kitchen get left on the worktop there until I can find a home for them somewhere else.
  • Things that need extra cleaning or little repairs get left there.
  • Decluttering my worktops in the kitchen led to cluttering my worktop in the Utility Room.

What did I need to do?

1.  Make out my Overhaul List for the Utility Room.

2.  Clear all the things on the floor and worktops to the table in the kitchen in sorted piles.

3.  Do everything on the Overhaul List.

4.  Decide on what should go in each of the cupboards in the Utility Room

5.  Decide on one basket for ironing and declare that another washing will not be done if that basket is full.

6.  Get a basket/basin to be put inside one of the cupboards to hold any washing going straight to the Utility Room from downstairs. (Mostly tea towels, dish cloths and towels from the bathroom)

7.  Actually put as much as possible into the cupboards in orderly fashion.

The biggest problem I faced here really was the fact that so many different things
 were in the wrong places.

In the tall cupboard I had very little to do because I had worked on this at the end of last year.

The other two cupboards held the wrong things in the wrong places and things that should have been in other rooms.

The cupboard under the sink was the most difficult to deal with because of its shape and height of shelves.
Fred has longer arms than me so he helped out with the reaching in and over to the left to get it all washed out.  

Then I put the vases and some plant pots in the left on the top shelf as they will not need to be lifted out as often as the things for the washing machine and other cleaners.

On the bottom shelve in at the left I put other things that are extra and replacement items.

In at the bottom on the right I put the smaller stain/spot removers and descalers etc. in one of the great shelf caddies with handle from LAKELAND  one of my favourite stores (as I have mentioned before).

So in the end the room looked like this

I hope it can stay like this because I would like to be able to fold the clothes here and not have to take them into the kitchen and that means clear space on worktop.  However I have not got an ironing basket in the room at the moment and that will no doubt have to appear again.

With the floor cleared again now I'll be able to do the ironing in here again.

I just hope I can keep to my rules that I made:

1.  Do not leave anything down on the floor - because if one thing is left there other things will follow.

2.  Do not leave anything on the worktops that should not be there - put the things in there homes straight away.

It will be interesting to see if I can keep these rules as Fred just laughed at me because he knows I have said similar things before and not done them.

Well I was sooooooo pleased with my Utility Room at the end of this week.

It was worth the time and effort.

If I keep my own rules and it remains like this all the time then doing any work in this room or even just walking through it all the time will be a pleasant experience rather than an embarrassing one.

A lot of Housework but the satisfaction and organisation part meant quite a bit of Funwork.

If you have read other organising posts by me you will probably know I like the lists and organising part of anything.

Now just to remember where I put everything.

Oh yes that's why I have to do the inventory!     

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