Friday, 11 July 2014

When the Husband's Away ..... - Housework/Funwork 26

  ..... the Wife will Play?

Well not in this case anyway.

Yes Fred's away again in Morocco on another business trip for 10 days.

But really what I meant by that title was

     When the husband's away - the wife has

                  all the gardening to do on her own !

Yes it means I have to mow the lawn again - all 3 sections!

Combine that with doing the Inventory for the Utility Room (see last week's post for how pleased I am with what is now NOT the Messiest Room in the House) and it can fairly keep me busy.

Just before Fred went off to Morocco we were both working in the garden and he helped me move a shrub which we probably should not have moved because it is probably the completely wrong time to move it.

But I was planting two sets of pinks (although these ones were red and I have always had pink pinks in all our gardens) at the end of the steps in the back garden on a patch where a shrub had died and been removed over a year ago, so he just went ahead when I said I thought that wee bush would be nice on the right instead of being hidden behind a large bush on the left of the steps.

I think that corner looks good now.
I really should have taken a picture of the bare corner first to have a nice before and after take on it.

I do hope the bush does okay after being replanted and I've been out each day watering it because we haven't had much rain this week.

Some other plants did not do so well this year.

Here is a picture of my Orange Lily in full bloom at the front of our house last July.

and here it is this week same time this year

it died during the winter and did not come back again.

My white lily from last year was doing just fine last month in May, we could see the buds on it

and now this month July it is in full bloom so why did it come back ok this year and the orange lily didn't is a puzzle to me but then I am not a knowledgeable gardener and I guess they were probably different types of lily plants even though the flower looked very similar.

For the last 2 years we have had 2 identical evergreen shrubs in pots on our patio and they have been fine.  Now this year there are a few brown bits showing on this one

and the other one has died.

I have always admired the Calla lilies that one of our neighbours have in their front garden so when we were getting the pinks at the garden centre I decided to bring some Callas as well.

They are not as tall as the ones our neighbour has but I like these and hope they will thrive and not die on me.

So this week has been gardening and inventory of Utility Room.

Unfortunately the gardening has annoyed my fingers so I didn't go out to do the rest of the weeding but did get on with the inventory of the Utility Room instead.

If you have been reading this series you will know that I really like lists and I like doing the inventory of the rooms in my ipad inventory app so that was more like funwork for me than housework until it got very tedious because there were a lot of things in those cupboards!

Of course

was enjoyable and broke up the gardening and the inventory.

When we were in the Garden Centre I had also spotted a purple/pink flowered plant that I don't think I ever remember seeing before but I quite liked it and the label said it flowers from June to September so I thought that might be a good one to get.

When we got it home I changed my mind about planting it in the garden and thought I would put it in one of my large blue pots and set it on top of a manhole in our front lawn but Fred was not keen on that idea - we would have to mow around it!

So just yesterday I decided it could sit at the front door where the orange lily had been last year.

I am happy with that decision so I do end up with a smile on my face.

Is that enough to make it Funwork?


  1. I wish I had your drive to keep the garden growing! Fortunately most of my plants are fairly hassle-free like hostas and day lilies.

    1. Oh I need easy growing things as I really like having a garden but don't like the effort and am not very good at it. Just thankful it was reasonably well stocked when we bought the house.

  2. I do terrible with potted plants.

    1. Hi Jeannie, I'm not great myself as the orange lily failure seems to indicate but I do love to see nice blooms.

  3. I definitely enjoyed sharing your 'funwork' with you. I have such a brown thumb almost all of my garden attempts end up looking like your afte rphotos but your gardens and portch are so lovely even with the plants who didn't make it. :)

    1. Oh thank you, though I do not feel I can take too much credit.

  4. You have such a beautiful front entrance. The blue pot just made me smile. My lilies are beautiful this year. I have orange ones that are so vibrant. I can't take the credit. My husband is the one with the green thumb. It was so enjoyable seeing all your pictures. ~Pamela

    1. Pamela tell your husband I am jealous about his orange lily.

  5. I'm just getting ready to tackle our yard and make plans for landscaping. It's been fun to read your adventures. Sorry for the ones that died. Hopefully you've learned some things that will help you in the future. Overall, things look great! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Oh I wish I had learned somthing, I did exactly the same thing with the orange lilies and I did with the white lilies with the exact opposite results.

  6. Everything is so pretty & I bet it smells amazing. I'm leaving for a business trip on Monday. I'm stopping by from SITS & I hope your having a great Saturday!

  7. Wow, busy you, I am so not green-fingered at all! Thanks for linking to All About You

  8. You are doing a great job, keep up the good work an thanks for sharing again at the #WWDParty!

  9. Oh how I love to hate potted plants! Every year I plant and every year things die... I stink with potted plants nothing ever survives! You are way ahead of me!

    1. Hi Sarah, I used to be great with potted plants years ago when the kids were small. Now I have killed a lot in the last 2 years. Maybe I'm too busy reading blogs to take good care of them.

  10. I laughed at your last comment, I reckon blogging has killed a few pot plants around the world! I cheated and had some really nice fake plants on our doors step until the Aussie sun, got to those. Glad to see your new pink flowers looking very cheerful - happy mowing!
    Wren x