31 Days of Blogging - Can I do it?

31 Days of Blogging was a challenge that was set for quite a few years and this is my first (and maybe only) time to take up this challenge

  with my theme of  "Things I Love"


You can see the Index of the links to the 31 Days at the bottom of this post.

I'm hoping that some of my posts will be humourous and some will be more serious and maybe a few will be a bit soppy but I'm not an overly soppy person so there will not be many of those.

But one thing I can assure you is that with so many posts to write none of them will be very long, no I think short and sweet is the plan.

So why not click on any of the titles below and have a read - it shouldn't take too long.

Index of the 31 Days

1.  I Love Arks

2.  I Love Bargains
3.  I Love Baskets, Bags & Boxes
4.  I Love Bears
5.  I Love the Bible
6.  I Love Blogging
7.  I love the Colour Blue
8.  I Love Butterflies
9.  I Love Chocolate, Coffee & Crisps
10.  I Love Crafts
11.  I Love My Family
12.  I love God
13.  I Love Good Friends
14.  I Love Graphics
15.  I Love my Husband
16.  I Love my IPad
17.  I Love Kids Work
18.  I Love Marriage
19.  I Love the Name of Jesus
20.  I Love Northern Ireland
21.  I Love Old Photos & Memories
22.  I Love not so Organised Days
23.  I Love Poirot
24.  I Love Quirky Cards & Gifts
25.  I Love Reading
26.  I Love Salvation
27.  I Love My Saviour's Promises
28.  I Love Silly Things that Make me Laugh
29.  I Love Unusual Fountains
30.  I Love Worship
31.  I Love Xtra Special Days


  1. The very best of luck with this. Looking forward to seeing some of these posts.


  2. You'll love it Sandra! I love your theme. This is my 3rd year doing 31 Days series and it's definitely challenging, but it feels so rewarding at the end.

    1. Oh Hilda I must follow yours then. Off I go to make a note to check for your link on Wed.

  3. good luck with blogtober! I've tried doing something similar with youtube and it can be really time consuming! Never the less I wish you all the best


  4. Good luck, you'll do great.

  5. I like this challenge! It seems like something like this would really help with coming up with post ideas. Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings.