Friday, 26 September 2014

Too Many Places? - Housework/Funwork 34

  Where is it?

    Where did you leave it?

      Where did you last see it?

        Where did you last have it?

          When did you last have it?

            What did you last use it for?

All these questions and more are regularly asked in our house.

So the simple solution to all of this is my favourite quote

A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place
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which I have talked about in a previous post called A Place for Everything

But even though I have loved this saying for many years

                              I have never yet got to this ideal position in my home or life.

One of the reasons

                       is simply that there are

I am presently overhauling the Study and even there I pick a place to keep something and then later I change my mind and decide to keep in in a different part of that room and then the next time I want that item I go back to the original place and wonder why I can't find it there!

I have forgotten that I changed my mind!
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This is especially so with my craft items.

One time I think that one box or container suits my stamps best and then I get some more and decide that the original container was not big enough to hold all that I now have 

or I have my embellishments in segmented containers like these

and then I decide to sort them by a different criterion and find that the sizes of the compartments don't suit or the number of compartments don't suit.

So I rearrange them and then later when I want a certain item I have to go through all my containers again because I can't remember how I rearranged them.

I have forgotten that I changed my mind!

When we lived in America (many years ago) we bought a lovely piece of furniture.

It was a Computer Armoire.

While we were in America and also for some years after we had returned to Northern Ireland, we used it for our computer but then when we all had computers we stopped using it for this purpose and I claimed it as a Craft Armoire.

And this is what it was like when I started this month to overhaul the Study.

Just be thankful that I did not take the picture when the table part was folded down as the shelf behind the table was overflowing.


A.  I started by deciding on all the categories of things I had to store for my crafts.

Stamp Pads
Scrapbook Papers
Paper Embellishments
Other Embellishments
Pens, Pencils
Craft Scissors
Glue Gun & Heater for Embossing

Miscellaneous - to cover coloured sand, woodchips, scraps of paper & card etc.

B.  Then I considered what containers were most suitable for going into the Craft Armoire.

Lidded containers.
Things that would stack.
Things that did not make me waste space within the Armoire.

C.  Then I had to match up these containers with the Craft Materials.

I actually found that most of my previous decisions had been very good but some things did get put into different containers or expanding files.

For example some embellishments were best to stay in the containers shown above but others were better going into Expanding Files especially it they were more flimsy or larger paper and card items.

Hope you like my heart labels.
  I bought these from a girl on ebay last year and I'm using them in lots of different places.

Stickers were best in Expanding Files and so were some of the cards and envelopes that were of different sizes but the majority of my cards and envelopes were a standard size and could go in a lidded box together.

Then I had previously tried out different ways of storing my 12 by 12 scrapbook papers and although a lot of people say to keep them in open trays I just found that they can get dusty so I had given up on that and others say to keep them in vertical plastic files but these are hard to get and very expensive and I did get one type to try but again was not very happy because I felt the corners of the paper could get damaged too easily.

Finally I got a plastic lidded box

and I think this will be the best solution for me (again bought on ebay & I hope I can get another one soon).
It will also be able to sit on one of the shelves in the Armoire with the scrapbooks and I won't need to have the height big enough for a tall vertical file.

Well I'm rather pleased about my crafts now that they have been sorted and rearranged in the Armoire.

Of course this is just one part of the Study completed and lots more work still to do but it was more FUN than WORK because I love craft things and hopefully I'm looking forward to being able to find all those items more easily now.

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  1. Sandra... I have this same issue with the same questions. We are getting ready to revamp the playroom & create a craft/computer area for the girls!!

  2. Great job Sandra! Craft supplies are both fun and tricky to organize. I love your armoire and you did an amazing job maximizing all the space.

  3. Looks amazing! I have an old entertainment center (with doors) that I have stored a bunch of craft stuff in my room. I love it!

  4. I have been trying to get my craft room organized.. Did well for a few months but now it is in shambles... and I have no idea where I put some markers that I bought to paint on glass... Do you want to come and organize my room.

  5. Don't you love a sense of accomplishment, thanks for sharing this with us at the #WWDParty.

  6. The before and after are amazing! The thing that keeps me from doing more DIY things is the mess that it makes!

  7. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board - must organise my craft stuff again :)

  8. Sandra, thank you for reminding me that I am not the only one who struggles with organizing, reorganizing, and then remembering how I organized it all! I had given up on all of this organization stuff several months ago. But now my writing room has become anything but. It used to be a peaceful place where I could read, research, and write. Now it's just a cluttered desk filled with homework, hubby's work papers, bills, mail I still haven't opened from weeks ago. Ugh... But you have given me hope! And I keep telling myself God is not a God of chaos. If I can create some organization in my home/life, I know I will feel more peace! And that's something I desperately need!

  9. I love your craft storage area! Beautifully done! My middle daughter and I have been working on organizing our craft supplies. My oldest daughter has an entire craft room, so jealous! Hee Hee! We are going to be better organized after Jeremy moves out. I think! LOL! Always my pleasure to stop here and say hello. Hugs, Anne

  10. Wow! That looks like it took a lot of work. My garage is my nemesis. I am not sure I have as much courage as you do, but there is hope. Good job!