I Love Bargains - Things I Love #2

Today I'm continuing my 31 Days of Blogging under the Title of

                              "Things I Love"

I decided to do this challenge alphabetically so
Arks was first on my list (a bit obvious I suppose 
when you read the name of my blog) and today my
second subject is Bargains

My husband and I started off married life as students and hence we did not have a lot of money and every penny had to be accounted for.

As the years went on and we were both working we had good wages but probably because of our very economical start we always felt that money should not be "thrown away" but that if we could get something at a better price in a different shop then we would do that.

Well many years have passed and even though we don't need to count the pennies exactly we do still love a bargain.

Although sometimes I say to Fred that just because something is a bargain it doesn't mean we have to get it, but sometimes it is nice to have a good item that we will use or admire for years and years and that is when I really love a bargain.

For example in the early years of our marriage we got a small Aynsley item in the Cottage Garden design as a gift and I loved the pattern because of the butterflies on it but this is a brand/make that is more decorative than for using everyday and is not inexpensive so I never had too many pieces of it until later after Ebay was created.

So in the last 15 years I have loved getting bargains on Ebay including

My Aynsley Lamp

and Aynsley Watering Can

and yes each of these are used regularly in our home without fear of breakage because they were not very expensive .

When we lived in America over (20 years ago) I got my first good dinner service but I did not pay a lot for it as I bought it at a garage sale.

Then when we went to live in Belgium in 2004 I saw the Villeroy & Boch dinner sets and really liked the Vieux Luxembourg design but again very expensive to buy in the shops and even in their outlets but not so expensive (if you are careful) on Ebay.  

It took me about 6 years but now I have a full dinner set etc. for 8  plus other extra pieces and I am so pleased with myself because I never paid more that half price for any item.

Some of my Villeroy & Boch Dinner Set items

and some of the extras to the set

Then of course sometimes I just see something that is nice on Ebay and I can get it because it is at a good price and so I have a little treat for myself but know that it is still a bargain or maybe that is one of those cases like when I tell Fred that just because it is a bargain doesn't mean we have to get it?

This was one of my treats from Ebay to add a bit of decor in our kitchen

and you will quite understand why I bought this napkin holder if you have read this Encouragement Post from July

Another place I love to get bargains from is the B&M Store.
You can go online but we have some stores in some of the towns near us so I love to browse around them.

Some of the great bargains I have got there are

This Laundry Hamper

It was just the right size for our ensuite and so easy to assemble (I did it myself - see 5 Spring Cleaning Tips)  and bought a second one a couple of months later.  I paid £24.99 for each of these and I have seen the exact same one on other sites online at prices ranging from £49.99 to £63.99  -  definitely a good bargain.

Then of course their boxes and baskets are great bargains too

and I have bought several of these this year.

 Another Online place I go to look for bargains is Amazon

I love to check out free ebooks and Amazon have daily ebook offers which are worth keeping an eye on.

I also check Amazon for most things I am thinking of buying and just a few weeks ago I got my new iPad Air cover there for a great savings.

Actually it was so cheap I got another different one in plain black which was also a good bargain.

Have you got an Ikea Store near you?

If so you will know what good prices they have  (plus I love their thin ginger biscuits)

I have several things in our house from Ikea -

my bedroom furniture, 

my study desk,

my kitchen chair cushions

and our son has his apartment living area lined wall to ceiling with their Billy bookshelves.

So where else have we found a good bargain recently?

Well I'm finishing off with my husband's great bargain which he got for under one third of the price listed on the internet.

A Drum Set

His hobby is music and he wanted to add a drum set to his other items so who could resist it when he saw this on GUMTREE  which he now has as an app as well.

This definitely was one of those times when I could have been saying

Remember Fred just because something is a bargain doesn't mean you have to buy it.

But then when I think of all the savings we have made on items throughout all the years of our marriage I think he deserves a little extra bargain as a treat for him, don't you?

Thanks for joining me for the second of this challenge & please drop by for the others in the Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 

There are various links to Stores within this post but I am not an affiliate with any of them or gain in any way from you clicking through to them.


  1. I always love a good bargain. Saving money is important. I love that iPad Air case! =0)

    1. Yeah I just couldn't resist the case because of the butterflies -- oh no I think that gives a hint to another one of my days this month!

  2. The Internet is certainly a useful tool for finding things that you need or want. The Aynsley pieces look lovely.

  3. I love bargains too Sandra! It feels great to know you got something wonderful for a great price.

  4. I love finding great bargains as well. It totally makes my day when I can find something that I love without spending an arm or a leg. (visiting from the blogger care group)

  5. Bargains are so much fun! My daughter and I take at least one day a week to go to the local thrift stores, and I seldom go to big box stores, or the mall, because we usually find what we need locally. Great post!