I Love Baskets, Boxes & Bags - Things I Love #3

I'm continuing my 31 Days of Blogging under the Title of

                            "Things I Love"

I decided to do this challenge alphabetically so
Arks was first on my list (a bit obvious I suppose when you read the name of my blog) and yesterday my second subject was Bargains.

Today I'm thinking of many Baskets, Boxes and Bags I have gathered up.

Also Today is slightly different in that I am combining this with my Series of Organising  because these items are very important for my storage solutions in our home.

This month is Dressing Room and Storage Closet Overhaul & Inventory so I have done a bit of a mixture and it was all centred really around those Baskets, Boxes and Bags that I love.

Some of you who laughed at these labelled baskets

in my Hall cloakroom last year on the blog will have fun today again (just a little hint of what is to come)


Previously I had done a very quick tidy up in the Storage Closet because I had to get the floor cleared so that the walk-in closet could be a proper walk-in closet!

Now that meant that the closet did not look too bad on a cursory glance but the storage shelves and containers definitely needed more attention.

It is difficult to get pictures taken because of the smallness of the closet and only artificial lighting but I hope these are not too bad.

Left Hand side First set of Shelves

Doesn't look too bad here but top and bottom can't be seen here as it is too close to get a full length picture and they needed more work done on them, and some of the scarves had got mixed up so they got sorted neatly.

And then I got out my heart labels and strings.

I got these tags on Ebay last year and loved them so much I sent for more.
Because of being tied with string you can tie them tight or loose and let the tag hang just the right length to suit whatever basket you are using.

The top shelf had a smaller blue box than the two you can see in the BEFORE picture but there was room beside it to move the middle sized blue one up beside it leaving room for the third dark wicker basket which had been elsewhere in the closet so my sets of baskets are all together here now.

Right Hand side First set of Shelves

The top shelf here was not being used properly at all but because it is rather high up for me I couldn't use it for baskets or anything heavy that I might want on a regular basis so after looking around at the rest of the closet I decided that moving my Puzzle magazines up there would be better than having them take up a shelf under my shoes and would free up more space for my shoes, so up went the puzzle books.

I fixed up the handbag shelves as they get very untidy as I pull out and push in handbags all the time.
Then I change d the use of the three matching baskets here to take my sun caps, Fred's caps and my belts and of course labeled them too.

Okay there were definitely baskets here and yes a set of blue boxes but what about the bags?

The handbags? 

  No we need to go downstairs for the bags and more boxes.


In my Study the piece of furniture that was tackled now was the white console unit which is from the Hemnes range in Ikea.

I particularly love this range in white although I like it in the other colours too.

So this is what it looked like to start with.

What I needed was something to sit in the sections that would look like a good fit for them instead of all the different things I had stuck in them in the mean time.

The expanding files you can see in one of the bottom sections have now gone into the craft armoire in the Organising post from last Friday  and some other things have been housed in the armoire too but I have still to find a home for a few things since I have rearranged with my new
 (wait for it)


with chalkboard panels

that I shared in my Storage Bargains Post last month

I just love them

and my other

A4 sized Butterfly and Silver Boxes

so now with the large chalkboard boxes in the bottom sections

and the Butterfly and Silver Boxes in the top sections

and the top cleared up

my console unit looks like this

Well now you are thinking

"she still hasn't done the bags!"

I love bags because they are very useful for storage and of course for carrying items to and from places that I go regularly.

I have my Ark bags that I mentioned in my first post is this series and they are used for taking Sunday School materials to Church on Sundays or if I do a School Assembly.

But then below there is (clockwise from top left):

  • my other Ark bag which is wider and this is the one that goes to the Kids After School Bible Club each Monday Afternoon to carry my Bible, songs, small games items and other miscellaneous items that I may need.
  •  my Craft bag
  •  my two bags for storing large songs and quizes
  • and my Ladybird Tesco's Bag which I use to keep my wool.

and loads too many other bags to mention.

So it has been a Funwork week because even though I was sorting out and tidying up I was working with
"Things I love"

Thanks for joining me for the third of this new challenge & please drop by for the others in theChallenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. Awesome! So neat and tidy and it looks so pretty!

  2. Baskets and bags do tidy up a space nicely and there are so many wonderful ones from which to choose as you have found.

    1. yes there are so many lovely ones, thanks for dropping in Lulu

  3. Love organizational posts and pictures :) Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  4. Anonymous13:46

    Love how it is looking. The chalkboard boxes look great. I might have to get me some. My husband hates that I am always organizing. I have one closet right now that is driving me crazy but just haven't taken the time to organize it

    1. I'm making myself do it using the blog for accountability and it's working

  5. Very very nice! I love being organized.... but it is an ongoing goal. :) Thank you for sharing this. :)

  6. G'day love the idea of the tags on the baskets!
    Cheers! Joanne

    1. I think the tags just set it all off, even my husband said they looked good and he is not really in to that kind of thing

  7. I Love baskets too! Thanks for linking up at Pin-Worthy Wednesday! Pinned!

  8. Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Homemaking Mondays last week! This post will be featured tomorrow under "organization inspiration" :) I love baskets, boxes and bags too! I appreciate you linking up your posts each week, Sandra :)

  9. I love how organized you are!!

  10. Oh, friend, would you come over and help get me organized. I loved this so much and need to remember this for inspiration at my place. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  11. Thank You for stopping by Inspire Us Tuesdays and leaving some inspiration behind. We would love for you to visit each week and leave some inspiration, find some inspiration, and borrow some of these ideas for yourself for the future.

  12. I love using baskets and boxes to organize my house. Home Goods has some really cute ones and they always tempt me! Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings this week.

  13. Great job with your organization, love the little tags!! Sorry it has taken so long to get here. I went out of town then came home and have been in bed sick and hoping to kick this soon. Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. I love baskets too for organizing! Thanks for sharing this on my last Fabulous Friday Party... Stop by this friday for another party, thanks maria

  15. Anonymous00:58

    A woman after my own heart - love baskets, boxes and bags. They come in so handy. And I heart the labels!

  16. I love the boxes on the bottom of the cubby!

  17. I love how the closet looks after you organized everything with the baskets! Very nice way to put order in your closet! I will try it myself! Thanks! Best regards,Storage Seven Kings Ltd.