I Love Bears - Things I Love #4

I'm continuing my 31 Days of Blogging under the Theme of

                            "Things I Love"

I decided to do this challenge alphabetically so
Arks was first on my list (a bit obvious I suppose when you read the name of my blog), my second subject was Bargains and yesterday it was Baskets, Boxes & Bags

Today I'm going to admit something

I'm a Bear Collector!

Yes I know you normally think of children with Teddy Bears but I collect Teddy Bears.



I Love Bears

Yes for years now I have been attracted to Teddy Bears and things decorated with bears.

Now it's not so bad when the kids are young to see bears sitting around your house but when the kids have left home?

But then you see they plus Fred have contributed to my collection.

On the left here is my original Teddy Bear that I was given by my parents as a baby.

On the right is the Teddy Bear Fred bought me one Valentine's Day (one of the very few things he has ever bought me for Valentine's Day, that and a single red rose one year and a bunch of red roses another year - yeah I think that's all in our 40 Valentine's Days since I starting going out with him).

This is the my Bundle of Bears in our Bedroom.

The kids have been responsible for the Winnie the Poohs above and the grey Teddy Bear and of course for Timothy the large brown one at the back left who looks like he is waving to us.

When our oldest boy went to Cambridge University I bought a Cambridge Teddy Bear and what better for him to sit at but a School Desk.

I did try to get a Belfast Bear and a Norwich Bear when the younger two went off to university but didn't manage to get those.

Some more of my Bears have seats to sit on because I bought some from Ebay

Here are my Paddington Bear, my Belgium Bear and my Ark Bear on a matching set of wrought iron chairs and bench.

It's just a bit more fun for them to have seats to sit on and when we lived in Belgium we had some very deep window sills which were just perfect for the bears.

Also while living in Belgium I bought this really soft bear in his PJ's and night cap and in his hand he holds his own wee teddy bear who is affectionately know as "Wee Teddy"

I can't remember when this little guy came along but I soon found a seat for him too and he's on the window sill in my study - well he does have glasses so maybe he likes to study too.

As well as these and the other Teddy Bears I have, I like things that are decorated with Bears like this box beside one of my sets of Bear Bookends.

In Belgium I used to see lots of handbags and other types of bags with a certain Teddy bear design in tapestry but they were very expensive so when I saw these bags which were not expensive I got them to use when travelling on overnight visits.

There have always been sightings of  Bears around our house in various forms so much so that my friends noticed this when they would visit our house and when we were leaving Northern Ireland to live in Belgium 10 years ago some of them remembered this and bought me a lovely book about bears and this Bear Plaque as a Going Away gift from the Children in our Church.

So this just proves what I said at the start.

I'm a Bear Collector


I Love Bears

Thanks for joining me for the fourth post of this challenge & please drop by other days for the others in this Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. What's not to love about teddy bears? Love the bear collector slogan.

  2. Thanks for linking up this cute post to Pin-Worthy Wednesday!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your collection. I have my childhood rocker filled with Bears. I saved the teddy bears my kids slept with when they were little and they sit in my old chair in the den.

  4. Adorable collection...Happy Thanksgiving♪

  5. I think Teddy Bears are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to a home...

  6. Your bears are beautiful!

    My sister used to make a lot of bears and show them at Disney. She would love your collection!

    Thanks for linking for the letter B.