I Love Blogging - Things I Love #6

It is the 6th Day of this 31 day Challenge.

Today's subject is Blogging which is something I knew very little about when I started my blog in 2012.

During the time since then I have discovered that blogging is not just writing but includes so much more.

I even wrote a blog post on Help! This Blogging Thing is not Easy!  earlier this year which is a bit of a humorous look at what I needed to learn in this field.

Now I have to say:

I enjoy writing my posts.

Sometimes I do this in advance, especially in my 3 series that I do each week, and sometimes I do them the day I decide to publish them.
Sometimes they take a long time to write and to take pictures and edit them but sometimes they are done very quickly.

I have met a lot of people.

Well not physically met them but met them online and in a good way.
There are encouragers online whether bloggers or non-bloggers.

I am in some Facebook groups for bloggers and there are people there who will take time (and these are busy people) to help others out with blogging problems and knowledge, and are quick to jump in to encourage others when they are feeling low or feel a bit overwhelmed by some things.

I have learned a lot of things.

     I now know more about what a blog entails - hard work!

     I also know that there are far more bloggers than I could have ever imagined.

     I have learned lots more about Social Media.
I've kept to my private account on Facebook and on Instagram, have increased my pinning on Pinterest and am more involved on Twitter.
 I ventured Hometalk and all these things sit on my bookmarks Bar to be very easily accessed.
     I have learned how to make my own graphics.

I have had more things to read.

I have discovered so many blogs with interesting topics and information and others with devotionals and encouraging and inspirational posts.

So when I'm not working on my own blog I'm often found reading through other blogs and now my bookmarks list is just so so long.

I have also found out about other books to read from other book lovers.

I now carry my mobile everywhere.

This is not because I get a lot of calls but because I never know when I might want to take a photo of something that will be good for my blog.

Yes even my husband will now say "Have you got your phone?" when we are going out, because for many years even though I had a mobile I seldom used it and treated it as if it were just for emergencies.

I am getting more organised.

Deciding to do something and writing about it on the blog has kept me more accountable and I have completed some tasks about the home that I would have just kept putting off and putting off and putting off......

I enjoy the challenges of this type of thing - 31 days of blogging every day.

But not too often because I want to be flexible about when I write and be able to take time off to travel a bit and be busy with other interests.

I have accomplished things that I never thought I would even consider trying.

I have learnt a little about tweaking some code - but not a lot.

 I have made a blog button and header and put them on my blog and now I'm working on my own social media icons.

I can embed tweets on the blog, videos on the blog and even mp3s on the blog.

And some of these things I have done without the help of my husband who I always consider as knowing far more about computers and computing than I do.



Thanks for joining me for this challenge & please drop by other days for the others in this Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. Hello, you are exactly right. I'm agree with you. And I love blogging too. It's something great for me.

  2. Sandra.
    Great you have found blogging is good for you. Like you notes you can learn so many skills. Keep up the great work. Fran

  3. Taking your phone with you everywhere is a must as a blogger! #anby

  4. Sandra this is so true when it comes to blogging, all the additional knowledge you learn to create all the extra bells and whistles for your blog. Well done for taking part in #write31days something I feel for sure would push my boundaries for blogging :)

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  5. Thanks for linking up to pin-worthy Wednesday...pinned!

  6. Yes so much that I could agree with already - even though I am a new blogger and still on a very steep learning curve!