I Love Butterflies - A Dose of Encouragement & Things I Love #8

Where do I begin?

I cannot remember when I was not interested in something which had a butterfly on it.

Most people who know me well will be able to tell you that

 I love Butterflies.

I have Butterfly
     necklaces,    rings     &    brooches
 - not sure how many I have but even the kids in our church know I love them as do my family & friends.

Over the years my family have bought me scarves, vases, bags and necklaces at Christmas time all decorated with butterflies.

Even the Ladies who came to the International Christian Club of Brussels knew I loved them as I was often found with a butterfly brooch pinned to my jacket.
When I was leaving Belgium to return to live in Northern Ireland I was given a lovely white lace Butterfly brooch from one of these ladies as leaving gift.

Isn't it beautiful?

My daughter even had a mug specially printed for me with butterflies on it for my Birthday this year and I featured it in a humorous blog post called 3 More Coffee Mugs

I have bought myself bags with butterfly designs, clothes with butterflies, room decorations with butterflies.

Then there was the time Fred and I spent a lovely afternoon in our home in Belgium taking pictures of the butterflies that were on a bush just outside our lounge window -  I was going to miss the Butterflies

It just makes me smile to see butterflies around the house and in our garden with our Buddleia (butterfly) bush here in Northern Ireland too and we managed to get some nice pictures of the bush in full bloom

 with butterflies around it this summer.

Why do I love Butterflies?

Because they are beautiful, intricately patterned, delicate creatures.

They are also a great reminder of new birth in that they start as caterpillars and turn into beautiful butterflies.

Just like I was once a person marred by my sin and through God's Love and the Grace of Jesus I was able to experience a new birth and share Christ's beauty.

I love to share about the butterfly in the Kids Work that I do in our church to explain to the children that God offers them a new life in Jesus through His blood because of His Love for them.

Children hear that Jesus died on the cross but they need to know that He did this for them individually and that His beauty can become their beauty.  They need to know that he didn't stay dead but rose again and is still alive today so that they can know He talks to God about them and shares in all their feelings.

Children need to feel loved and secure above all else and Jesus wants them to accept His love and assurance that He will never leave them.

But you and I need to know exactly the same thing.

There is something very important that we all need to know.

You and I need to know we are loved and that we are safe and that there is a God planned future for us.

You and I need to experience this new birth and know that we can be beautiful in the eyes of our creator because of His Son.

There is one last Butterfly I would like to share with you today

This Butterfly sits on the Vanity Unit in my ensuite and I see it every day at the start of my day.

I believe in miracles.

Do you?

The Butterfly is an example of a miracle in that it changes from an ugly creature to a beautiful one.

Can you believe in Jesus and experience Him work this miracle in your life too?

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  1. I like butterflies too! I love the freedom they have and even though they light on a flower for a little bit, they are once again in flight. Beautiful pictures in the post.

  2. Thanks for this! thanks for a peek at your heart and the reminder of old things becoming new


  3. The are my fave to watch when I am working in the yard or walking.

  4. This is beautiful, Sandra. Butterflies carry a deep meaning for me, too, though I don't have all the awesome things you have around the house. I have them on my website though. :) Recently my brother and his wife gave us a gel butterfly we put on the inside of the top right corner of our van's windshield. It cheers me up to look at it. :)

  5. Sandra,
    My Christian Children's books highlight butterflies as my character's holy spirit/conscience/that little voice. They make great gifts and a wonderful Sunday school lesson. You can find them here: I am happy we share this love of butterflies and God. Blessings to you, Kristie L Foreman

  6. Butterflies are a beautiful metaphor for the Christian they are lovely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today.

  7. That is the most significant thing to me, that the ugly can be made beautiful in Him.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts with us.

  8. I, too, love the transformation of the butterfly! That we could all be be so transformed from an ugly caterpillar, limited to walking on the ground, into something beautiful and free to fly! One of the most amazing things about God's grace and God's power!

  9. I appreciate the beauty of the butterfly and how it reminds us of being made new in Christ's image as we come to God. My favorite picture in your post is the one outside of your house with the hills behind. I have always wanted to see Ireland, and your photo blessed me.
    Thanks for sharing a timeless truth.

  10. Anonymous19:35

    We have a butterfly house here is St Louis, and I love it! Beautiful miracles. My husband and grandson are both miracles I thank the Lord for every day. Rev had surgery 7 years ago that very few survived, and our grandson was born 6 months later at only 24 weeks. We count bonus days at our house.

  11. Butterflies hold a very special meaning to me. Not only do they signify my new life in Christ, but my grandmother was very fond of them and they remind me of her. Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Brew!

  12. Great example of our relationship with God and how He changes us. Thank you!

  13. My niece loves butterflies and one Christmas she gave my mother a napkin holder with an embossed butterfly on each side. When Mother sold her house and moved in with us, I carried the napkin holder to our place and it still sets on our table. I too like butterflies. Thank you for sharing your awesome story and photos with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  14. Hi Sandra,

    I love butterflies,they are so beautiful!
    What a lovely post. Have a great weekend!

  15. Sandra,
    The butterfly is a great reminder of how he turns the ugliness of sin into His beauty!
    Thanks for linking up at Mondays @ Soul Survival.

  16. I like butterflies as well Susan. For me they symbolize freedom and transformation.

  17. I have alwAys loved butterflies too and they symbolize our newness in Christ!

  18. New birth, new life, new year! I love how you tied that all together! When I was little I was really fasinated by butterflies. My mom bought me a butrerfly book and I would soend hours outside looking for butterflies to identify. My favorite was the Monarch. Which makes sense because my favorite color is orange.

  19. I love the transformation God makes in our lives, and yes, it's like the metamorphosis of a butterfly!

  20. My mom loves them, too! I don't think she has quite as many as you, but she would take them if someone was offering! Her favorite butterfly shirt recently wore out and we were able to find her a replacement online. :-) They are beautiful pictures of transformation!