I Love the colour Blue - Things I Love #7

Anyone who is around me for any length of time,

      anyone who just even looks at my blog,

           anyone who sees round our home

                can take a good guess

that one of the

                          "Things I Love"

just has to be

                    the colour  BLUE.

There is just something about the colour blue that I feel almost everything looks better in blue.

Blue and white together just make everything look so clean.

Blue is a refreshing colour.

Blue is a relaxing colour.

Blue is a beautiful colour.

Blue is also an alive colour.

Themes on my computer are almost always blue.

My study is decorated with pale blue walls and darker blue curtains.

My Dining Room is Blue, White and silver with my dinner set being the Villeroy & Boch Set of Vieux Luxembourg.

My Living room has accent colours in blue

as well as curtains and cushions with a blue flower.

My kitchen is blue (although that was already in the house when we bought it)

Our Sun Room's main colour is blue

Even my carry on luggage is blue (Fred's is black)

My blog theme colour and signature are blue

My outdoor plant pots are blue

Our Patio Furniture is blue and white

My craft files are blue

A lot of my clothes are in shades of Blue.

As long as things are made in blue there will be a happy contentment in my life.

Blue never makes me blue, it always makes me brighten up.

Am I just easily pleased?

Thanks for joining me for the seventh in this challenge & please drop by other days for the others in this Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. So many darling blue things! I love blue too.

  2. Blue is beautiful! My favorite color is lavender but it definitely is related to the blue family.

  3. Blue is my favorite color also, Sandra. Such a peaceful and relaxing color. Cathy

  4. Blue is my favorite color too!! Thanks for sharing :) Found you from the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

  5. So many pretty blues.... I also love the color blue... and green.... and purple... and..... :) I think blue must be my favorite, though.

  6. Anonymous07:02

    I also love the color blue