I Love Kids Work - Things I Love #17

Today I'm combining my
    "Things I Love" #write31days post

             with my    Housework/Funwork post.

                                      This is because I've still

         (yes STILL) 

                          been working in the Study.

I have been spending quite some time trying to get all my Kids Work Stuff  into order and deciding best how to store it in the study.

I want to keep it in the study so that it is always at hand any time I get an idea or need to tweak some of it on the computer etc.

Firstly I did the thing that my husband hates to see happening but knows that any time I am doing a proper sort out then this will happen:

Tables will be covered

The Kitchen Table with just some of the SS units.

Beds will be covered

One of the Guest Room Beds with the Kids Songs

The other Guest Room Bed with Visuals for Stories, Memory Verses and Quizes

Couches will be covered

Couch in Kitchen covered with Kids After School Club Materials

Floors will be covered 

and indeed they were all covered at one stage or another

So now to the Storing Away

A few years ago in Belgium I bought an Ikea filing trolley on Ebay second hand for $7  -  had never seen them in Ikea so it may have been an older item they used to sell but it was a bargain and it was in perfect order. 

The only problem is it is rather big for my study.

Anyway it suits for keeping the monthly units for the 5 year scheme for Sunday School except that it was just getting way out of hand and so it had to be sorted as well before I could get the rest of the stuff from the kitchen table into the correct files and into the trolley.

But after hours and hours of work the trolley files were all out and sorted (this was were the floor got covered) and the table was cleared and all those SS materials sorted into files along with more SS materials found later and the trolley was eventually looking more organised.

Next the Songs from the first bed were all put away (and inventoried) into the right sized bags and Folders especially gathered up for them.

The A2 sized cards are in the Purple Folder, A3 sized cards and books are in the Black & Brown Bag, Anything around A4 size is in the Opaque Bag ans the overheads that we use for the Kids Club in the Primary School are in the Red Expanding File.

Then the resources on the second bed were carefully put into the Red Box files (that again I have had for years) and a note taken, in the inventory, of what was in each one.

The Box files still have the old labels on them with things now scored out and things added as I still have to get new labels to put on the spines.

And that just leaves the Materials for the Kids Club which are not as numerous as the SS materials.

They are tucked into the two grey A4 boxes in my White console unit in the study which I had previously cleared up.

Well it took hard work but I enjoyed seeing the things get better organised and having less mess in the study but then of course what will it not be like when I tackle the next part.

I do enjoy all the Kids Work I do in church and at the school and I get great satisfaction out of preparing the SS Curriculum.  I love creating visuals for the songs and I have fun jumping about with the kids when we are singing the songs.

So even though it was time and effort to get this organised it was worth it and I'm going to count it as FUNWORK  because it will help in the future weeks and months when I can easily find the items I need and I will be SMILING instead of complaining about where all the things are.

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  1. so inspiring... really need to get more organized, THANKS!!!

  2. The after pics look great. There is so much in my house that needs proper organising but find it difficult to do properly with a toddler around. I too love to cover everything while I organise but that spells disaster these days!! You've given me some storage ideas I hadn't thought of before though.

  3. Wow, you did a great job organizing!