I Love My Family - Things I Love #11

There was a big event last year.

Yes very nearly exactly a year ago there was a special event for our family and at that event  there were many pictures taken but one of the ones I love the best was a selfie which got photobombed.

Yeah in the middle of a very special event 3 of our kids were cramming close together taking a selfie when the fourth one photobombed it and it came out great.

Well that's my family

     Our daughter Linda on the left,
                 our son Daniel in the middle
                            with his new wife Suzie on the right.

It was actually taken at the reception on their wedding day.

Oh yes the one who photobombed it is our son Jonathan.

It simply could not have turned out better if it had been planned.

When I got my hands on the picture I got it on the iPad and could not resist framing it in an app.

This is the picture of Daniel the boy in our family who at one stage did everything he could to make sure he was not in a photo during some of his teenage years but here he is centre stage.

This is the picture of Linda who when she was very young won a child photo competition and was known for several years as the poser in the family because every time we wanted to take a photo she really posed - she did go on to study Drama at University but then decided to go into Creative Writing.

This is the picture of Jonathan who is like me and so often blinked at just the wrong moment for our photos that we would have to retake them yet now he takes selfies all the time for snapchat and has videos of himself teaching church doctrine on You Tube.

And this is the picture of Suzie who has come in to our family in the last few years and just fits right in there.

Why did it turn out so well?

I think it was because we were all so happy that day that we all had constant smiles on our faces, natural smiles, so even though they were taking a selfie which means that you are conscious of getting each other in the frame they were just so happy it came over in the picture.

I think it is amazing how Jonathan managed to get in at just the right time and in just the right position when it all happened so quick that they hardly knew what had actually taken place.

I believe that God gives us little special things that can mean more than the big things we think we want.

I look at this picture and I see 4 happy young people who love each other and love God 
and they love Fred & I too - at least that's what they say in the cards they send us 
and on the phone calls and the facetimes.

And of course all of that makes Fred & I very happy too every day 
and not just at that very special event.

Thanks for joining me for the 11th one in this challenge & please drop by again later for the others in this Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. I think that selfies are meant to make us smile because the capture random reality and remove the planned perspective of the photographer. Sure, some of them are posed and planned, but I love the 'in the moment-ness' that they capture. I don't take many of them, as I just have an inability to manipulate my phone well enough, but one of my favorites captures the smile of my son and I as we are sharing a moment. I couldn't have planned it any better, just like you mentioned in the post.


  2. What a fun memory! I agree we have to enjoy and embrace the little moments we get!

  3. Thanks for a great post. Your really see the good in your family! Looking forward to reading more of your posts :-)

  4. "I look at this picture and I see 4 happy young people who love each other and love God" I LOVE this line! The busyness of life can cloud what is really important. This simple line puts in to perspective what really matters. PEOPLE...the relationships you have with people...and the relationship you have with the Creator of people.

  5. This is so great-- I can see why you love your family (our family is just as silly.) Thanks for sharing this, Sandra.

  6. I love the photos and your beautiful family. They all seem like a happy bunch! Thanks so much for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a True Story."

  7. What a beautiful family. I love pictures of moments like these. They leave such great memories to look back on. :)

  8. Nice to know more of you and yours. And I certainly understand photo and photographers reactions. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I found you by way of Spiritual Sundays :) You have a beautiful family!

  10. Anonymous02:58

    What a beautiful family you have!