I Love my IPad - Things I Love #16

In May this year I wrote a blog post entitled

Distorted or Beautiful

which was about how God does not distort things instead He makes them more beautiful and I started the post by saying

Anyone who knows me personally or has read a lot of my blog posts will know that I absolutely adore my iPad
 (I wish they would pay me for saying that - I would be rich by now).

 and then went on to talk about how God had spoken to me through an app I used to "mess around with" a picture.

When I posted it on Google Plus I got comments from a man who was highly indignant that I had written this.

Now I am presuming it was a man but perhaps not as it is someone who does not use a picture of themselves and uses the title Team God instead of their own name.

Their first Comment was as follows

I did not copy it in full as the rest was nastier.

I told them that if they read the whole post they would see that what they had read beside the link was just the intro of the post

So they then replied

I was also a bit sad that they hadn't realised that there was meant to be that bit of humour/sarcasm in the start of the post.

So today am I being even more bold by saying that


I hope that this will not be taken out of context although obviously none of the previous titles in this series have been.


Because it is so useful to me


Because I have several apps on it which have

Aided my husband and I in leading worship for church services


Helped us to be able to read the bible together and individually wherever we are 


Helped me show pictures for the Sunday School
Helped with Memory Verses for the Sunday School


Provided songs for the Sunday School

Provided a reading source wherever we are for the many Christian ebooks we have 

eBook Reader

Helped me stay organised each day

Pocket Lists

Provided a suitable place for the inventory of our home

AB Findit

Helped me organise our travel


Provided a quick simple means of scanning and sharing items wherever we are

Doc Scan


Yes I do also like to use it to relax and play some games




Yes I also use it for social Media and for my blog.

My iPad is one of the things I hardly ever leave home without because it has everything contained in the one place.

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  1. Thatta girl Sandra! My Pastor uses his IPad during the service. The iPad has become a useful tool in church services.

  2. I don't have an iPad, but my iPhone has become just as important to me as your iPad is to you. My grocery list (complete with prices so I stay in budget), errands, contact information, calendar with appointments, things to remember, even an app that keeps track of the steps I take to motivate me to move regularly! Technology has its problems, sure . . . but it is also a great blessing.

  3. Sorry you had a run-in with a disagreeable blogger....I would have sent it to 'trash'....all the best♪

  4. My ipad is always within reach. It's my all in one place!

  5. The Husband and I are planning on getting an ipad soon. I can hardly wait now.

  6. I-Pads are so handy on many levels. It really keeps one organized.