I Love my Saviour's Promises - Things I Love #27

My blog is called  

Sandra's Ark

and I am sure that from my blog header above and buttons on the side bar 

 you can guess that I love rainbows as well as Arks.

The Rainbow is a sign to remind us of God's Promise that 
He would not destroy the world again.

Today in my Challenge I'm going to take the opportunity to remind all of us of the 

Promises of Christ

Jesus Promises that

We will receive eternal life

We will receive what we pray about from Him

He will make us witnesses for Him

He will never leave us

He will come again

We will receive a great reward in Heaven

 But no Promise is just given randomly.

Jesus has promised all of these things and more to 

those who love Him,

those who have called on His name for Salvation,

those who have put their trust in Him,

those who are redeemed by His blood.

This is why today's Title is

I Love my Saviour's Promises

Because I am so thankful for them.

Are you one of those people?

Do you know for a certainty that you are saved by His Grace?

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  1. Anonymous00:51

    Thanks, Sarah for such wonderful reminders of his promises. The photo images you used are lovely also.

  2. such a great reminder, thanks xo

  3. Thank you. I am so grateful for my savior's promises as well. Stopping by from the blogger care group.

  4. Out of everything else, I rely strongly when seeing the rainbows, because it's one of the basic teaching, encouraging issues that have entered our lives in the world. Sooner or later, He will have Jesus coming here and will deal with much of our significant reality. Trusting Him is all that counts, ever. And I truly try to focus only on Him. Thank you.

  5. I love my Savior's promises as well! What would I do without His Word to rely on? It has definitely been my strong anchor in life.

  6. Sometimes God's promises are what keep me going, especially on the tough days. Thanks for this reminder, Sandra.

  7. Great reminders!!! I wish I could remember God's promises and plant it in my heart! Have a great week! :^))) patsy

  8. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of the promises of God, and that we can count on him to keep his word!

  9. Thank you for the reminder of His glorious promises! And thank you for sharing last week on the Art of Homemaking Mondays :) Have a lovely week!

  10. Amen🤗
    Thank you Sandra.
    Good to connect here with you❤