I Love not so Organised Days - A Dose of Encouragement & Things I Love #22

Today I'm combining my 31 Days Challenge

                    Things I Love

with my usual Wednesday Series

              A Dose of Encouragement

If you have read any of my Organising Posts
you will think that the title of today's post is not so true.

I am always talking about lists and trying to get organised in different parts of our home.

My favourite saying is

So obviously to do this I need to organise and make lists and be the methodical person I think I am.


Last weekend was a great example of that.

On Saturday I went to a Women's Breakfast Meeting at our church and relaxed in the presence of God.

Yes I say relaxed because that morning of worship was something that gave me a type of rest that I needed just now.

In the afternoon Fred & I took a walk round our small town.

On Sunday we had two services at church which added to the communion I had with God the day before and between the two services Fred & I just rested and chatted all afternoon.

All of this was the type of rest that God gives you that refreshes you and equips you Spiritually for the days ahead.

And did I begrudge any of the time that weekend not being structured and methodically worked through?

NO  -  I loved it and benefitted from that break in how I normally view my time.

So today I'm saying

Yes I know I still had everything to do that I already had to do, but I still got it done 
- well the things that really needed done 

and then those other things that we sometimes impose on ourselves
- well they didn't really need to be done just then anyway!

When are you going to have your next  NOT SO Organised Day?

Thanks for joining me for this challenge & please drop by other days for the others in this Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. Great way to refocus!

  2. I also love days that I am able to just relax and not do anything on the list. These give me renewed energy to tackle these lists much easier later.

  3. I am a salve to my to-do list, but sometimes it is nice to have a day off. :)

  4. Reminds me of the song Jesus I am resting resting...I am a fellow list maker organized type A lady myself and love those times where I feel completed rested in Him and not in the productivity of the day.

  5. Those kinds of days are necessary sometimes aren't they Sandra?!

  6. Thanks Sandra for reminding me of the most important days. Blessings

  7. Once this 31 day challenge is over, it will be a lot easier to have some not-so-structured days ;). But I did enjoy a lovely Saturday and spent time with my daughter exploring a nearby national park (Petrified Forest).

  8. Anonymous00:16

    Great post!! Fabulous reminder!!!

  9. Some times you just need to tear up your "Things to do" list and be spontaneous. I always enjoy your entries - - Thank you for sharing your interesting post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

  10. So true! We need to remember to have a Sabbath rest regularly, and a not-so organized day! God knows we need this!

  11. Hey Sandra ...don't you just love how He gives us exactly what we need for each day? He always has a better grip on what will best fill our souls ... if only we grab onto His invitation!

    So good to meet you hear today from Holley's ...

  12. Anonymous18:05

    Sometimes the not so organized days are not planned. I am trying to not get upset when something comes up and my planned day has to change. :)

  13. Anonymous02:18

    Perfect idea! Setting aside a day to be unorganized and let God lead the way. I need to do that soon! Blessings!

  14. I think I have quite a few of those days actually! Kidding; it is wonderful to just make time to rest and not be overly structured sometimes, and just be. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou

  15. That is the thing with getting organised… the balance of keeping God and relationship ahead of our schedules.
    I need self-control to keep to the routines AND flexibility to appreciate the times off them with joy.
    I try to keep my regular routines out of the weekends… they are for family, fun, some work as it happens, fellowship and rest. That's why I like Fridays;)
    Thank you! Here from Life on a Budget.

  16. When I look at my basement, I think I have not had enough organized days!