I Love Old Photos & Memories - Things I Love #21

Where do you store your old photos?

Do you have a Memory Box?

Today I'm writing about something that is important to me and probably to everyone. 

Old photos and other items can bring back happy memories and can be something we treasure for a long number of years.


Recently I started scanning negatives of old photos and then when I don't have the negative of the photo I scan the actual photo itself.

For this job 3 items are important:

1.  Negative Scanner to scan the negatives 

I talk in more detail about this in Scanning Old Photos - Is that Fun?

2.  Computer to scan photos when I don't have the negatives

I'm using this to scan my wedding photos from 37 years ago

I talk a bit more about this in  Guess What I Found?

3.  External Hard disc drive to store the digital photos.

I will store them on my computer but I also want to have them in a second location in case anything happens to my computer because I don't want to lose these photos.

But we must not forget that the original photos should be taken care of as well

So we still need all our photo albums and boxes to store and organise those.

But what about other Memories?

1.   If you have audio memories then you'll have them on cassettes (which are now getting to be obsolete) or CDs

That is another thing for my ToDo List  -  Transfer recordings from cassette & CD to MP3s

 2.  You may have large special pictures framed so they need to go on the wall

Like the picture of our last home in Londonderry with the 3 kids out washing the car.

 3.  You may have stickers on a suitcase - reminders of good holidays and places you have travelled to.

4.  You may have certificates of achievements, or other things on sheets of paper

They will need to be filed away to be kept safely.

 5.  You may have large hard to store items like my Nephew Lee who carried the torch in his hometown for the London Olympics.  I wrote more about that in  Olympic Torch Run


Or my husbands Didgeridoo which he brought back from our Anniversary trip to Australia.
(You can see it propped up against the roll-top desk in the picture above.)

 For this type of item you need a large glass cabinet or some type of stand because you don't want it to be hidden away, you want it to be on display.

6.  What about the smaller objects that bring back happy memories - small sporting trophies, small souvenirs from trips abroad or perhaps like me you have a few things that belonged to grandparents or parents who are no longer with us.

These types of things decorate my Study shelves or sit in my one display cabinet.

7.  If you have old letters you want to keep then you will need a box or some type of storage where the pages will be kept flat and not get crumpled.

I use my stationery box for my old letters because of its vertical sections.

8.  You may also be like me and like to keep cards your family have given you over the years and this is a box I got because it had butterflies on it and I Love Butterflies but also because it has separators inside (was meant for recipe cards I think) and it is ideal for cards.

 9.  You may have smaller objects like tickets or postcards or newspaper clippings etc. that you need to keep in a Memory Box.

I have three Memory boxes in use and full already

my wooden Ark decorated one -  I wrote about my love of all things Ark in I Love Arks

my wooden one with the kind of tapestry inserts,

and my wooden case type box with its metal handle.

As I mentioned already, these three boxes are full but that has just given me the excuse for having already bought some more boxes that I just fell in love with recently

This one tempted me because of the butterfly decor and the type of flip lid and also it is longer than my previous boxes and some things I have are just to long for them.

This one is going to be my travel memories box because of the decor on it so now I need to sort things out from my 3 full boxes to get the travel related items into this one.

I love the handle!

10.  Some of those things that cause our sweet memories could go in scrapbooks and I have already done this for one topic and do intend to make more scrapbooks of specific times (both in actual solid scrapbooks and digitally) but that will take up more time later.

Some day I will have all my memories completely neatly sorted into all these places.

Where do you keep your memories?


  1. I love how you make precious memories beautiful, not just in your heart, but in how you care for them. Treasures.

  2. I love this post cus I love preserving memories! Since things have become digital, I often forget to print pictures out and put them in my photo books. Thanks for the reminder. I have several vacations I need to get caught up on!

  3. What great items and memories! We have limited storage space so I don't hang onto much, but I do have some really treasured things.

  4. Anonymous01:39

    What great items and ideas. I keep all photos saved and backed up cause you just never know what could happen. Maybe my insurance background lol. Thanks for sharing with Tuned in Thursday

  5. wonderful ideas on preserving our memories! I am a sentimental clutter bug, and though I have used a few of your ideas to keep some of it corralled in an orderly manner, you've given me a bit of inspiration and motivation to do more. Thanks so much!

  6. Nice pictures... good places to store those pictures... mine are in similar things, but I keep realizing I need to do better with them. :)

  7. Anonymous00:26

    Great idea for the wedding pics - never thought about scanning them:)

  8. I need to get busy. I have slides that need to be scanned. My son bought me a slide scanner but I've never mastered it. I also have boxes and boxes of old photos. Some I have scanned already. I have a memory box on my coffee table where I put special things. Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday and I appreciate the reminder to get busy on these things!

  9. Mine are in my heart (and on removeable hard drives).

  10. These are all really cute, pity no one really writes letters anymore thanks to technology.