I Love Quirky Cards & Gifts - Things I Love #24

Today I'm looking at quirky cards and gifts.

I am not very good at receiving gifts because I never feel like I should be given gifts especial big ones.

I am most happy when I get something really different that makes me laugh or has a specific significance to me or our family.


While I was working on my desk, the computer unit and the wicker shelf unit I found different piles of the cute, funny, different, or what I like to refer to as Quirky Cards I had left there at different times because I wanted to keep them.

I needed to find something suitable to keep them in so they had just been set on various shelves but now they are all brought together and I have something that I hope will be good to keep them in.

So I thought I would show you some of them and my new storage idea for them and then I started thinking about how over the years I had had some Quirky Gifts as well so why not incorporate a few of those too.

20 years ago when we lived in America someone from our church (who I did not know very well) decided to host a birthday party for me because Fred was off travelling with work.  That in itself was a lovely gesture but during the party she also presented me with a beautiful (blue) table lamp.

Now you might say there is nothing Quirky about that but to me there is because this was a lamp she had made herself and it is not every year you get a handmade gift like that.
Also it was very touching for her to have treated me so well.

It has been in constant use since I received it even with having to get the fitting changed to suit living in the UK and it sits on our hall table and is turned on every evening.

Some years ago Fred had to travel to Bahrain with his work and normally he does not bring home gifts because he travels so much but this time he brought me home

yes an Aladin's lamp.
That's a bit more Quirky isn't it?

This has actually come in handy when teaching kids at Bible Clubs and Sunday School so it's a useful Quirky gift and it normally resides on the dresser in our Dining Room.

When we went to Australia in 2008 Fred bought himself a gift which is not the easiest thing to have to bring home with you.

A Didgeridoo that had been hand carved and we had enjoyed meeting the guy who made it and happy that both of us could actually get the proper sounds out of it.

This stands against the Roll Top Desk in our lounge and is still lifted and played the odd time.

I bet not everyone gets a Bear Collector Plaque as a gift!

 I wrote about this in I Love Bears

My oldest son was responsible for this gift

I wrote about it in I Love Arks

Do you get lots of gifts from Italian Clowns? 

I wrote about this in A Clown Called Dario

Unfortunately this is not a gift you can keep forever.

Of course I don't still have this gift either as this one had to be devoured.

Our daughter is living in South Korea and has made some lovely friends who we met while visiting her there last year.   So I just have to include this gift sent the whole way from South Korea from one of her friends Andrew Yoon who has a great Coffee shop and makes the best coffees.  

Most people would expect to get a full bottle as a sift but I got an EMPTY Bottle

Quite a few years ago some Japanese men were over in Northern Ireland working with my husband and others and one night the wives were invited to a BBQ where the Japanese men marinaded chicken in Saki and then cooked it.

At the end they presented us with the beautiful decorated bottles that the Saki had come in.

Matches my kitchen & I use it as a vase  - you know me and how I Love the colour BLUE

A Basket of Dried Flowers for hanging up

When I was moving to America a class I taught at school bought me this.

A Small Blue (again) teapot

My sister bought me this one Christmas and of course it matches my kitchen and is just the right size to keep my measuring spoons.

And I haven't forgotten the CARDS

My husband (of course) was the sender of this card & I wrote about it in I'm Too Sexy for This Card

Our oldest son Jonathan sent these two cards

Mugs and hearts which I love  
A Fold-up card to make a Bear

Our second son Daniel sent these two cards

A Mother's Day Card
With His Sense of Humour
A Birthday Card
He's knows my online shopping and love of books

Our Daughter sent these two cards

Anniversary Card with an old old pic of Fred & I and a more recent pic of us

A Birthday card from South Korea that has to be folded to stand up

And these were sent by Fred to Me some years ago and I know they are not strictly cards but...

From France for our 19th Wedding Anniversary - We Honeymooned in Paris

He awarded me a certificate

These last two items have been pinned to my noticeboard since I received them 
 Fred knows how to make me laugh out loud.

And now back to that storage idea.

The gifts will of course stay in the places they normally are.

The cards, along with several others I want to keep, are going into my Butterfly box

which I  think it will be a good storage box for them as it has some card dividers inside and of course I Love Butterflies

Thanks for joining me for another one in this challenge & please drop by again later for the others in this Challenge.  If you would like to see a list & links to all of the 31 days just click here on Things I Love 


  1. These are definitely quirky! I really must get back into the habit of scrapbooking my cards and photos, but as we all know, life gets in the way.

  2. love everything in the pictures especially the Aladdin lamp x

  3. A terrific post! The Aladdin Lamp was quite a gift! Always nice to stop by and visit with everyone. Thanks for the share today.

  4. I enjoyed looking at all your quirky gifts and cards.... love that Aladdin's lamp! The handmade lamp was an exceptionally nice gift -- especially from someone you didn't know well. What a caring person!

  5. Lots of great memories in those quirky cards and gifts!