I Love Xtra Special Days - Things I Love #31

Today is my last day of the

31 Days Blogging Challenge

So that in itself makes this a special day.

 I did enjoy the challenge of doing a 31 day series and getting to write about things that have now given me more ideas for future blog posts.

HOWEVER it is not as special as the Xtra Special Days I want to tell you about today.

Perhaps our Xtra Special Days may encourage you to make Xtra Special Days for your family or give you some ideas of things to do.

I Love Xtra Special Days.

I get excited when I know our family are going to have an Xtra Special Day.

What in my opinion is an Xtra Special Day?

Well mostly it is a day when all or most of our family are going to do something different and significant  together.

It can be a full day or part of a day but normally a set event.

It is a time to have a fun day together or an exciting day or a simple more meaningful day special to your family.

Like for example

The Day our whole Family Visited The Somme - July 2007

We are standing at the grave of my grandfather who died at the Battle of the Somme July 1st 1916, 11 days before my mother was born.

I had visited his grave once before but this was a time with all of the family.

Ski-ing in Switzerland - December 2007

We decided at the last minute to go ski-ing over Christmas.
We had only skied once before as a family when the children were very young in America.
Plus we have never ever been away from our home for Christmas before or after.

Go-Karting - December 2008

For a day out for Linda's birthday and we are so competitive.

Linda's Graduation - July 2009

Yes I know that the two boys graduated as well but I'm just picking out some of the Xtra Special Days

Plus the fact is she was totally excited when she discovered that the actor Alun Armstrong (from New Tricks - ITV) was being presented with an Honorary Degree and then he had his picture taken with them and stood beside her and talked to her.

Just to prove this is all true, here they are together

Hot Air Balloon Ride - August 2009

I had always wanted to do this so the kids bought me this adventure for my 50th Birthday.

Only Fred and I went up in the balloon but all three kids were there at the event with us and took photos of us and drove the car round to follow our journey to the end destination.

This also proves that vertigo and a problem with heights are not the same thing.

Jonathan ordained as a Pastor - March 2010

Fred and I travelled from Belgium, Daniel from Belfast and Linda from Norwich so that we would all be together for this event in Leeds.

Other family came from Northern Ireland and from the Manchester area as well.

The Day We Saw the Replica of Noah's Ark in The Netherlands - August 2010

I had been looking forward to this for a few years since I had first read about it and if you have been following this series you will know how much I Love Arks

Daniel's Baptism - March 2011

Well at this stage our family was still only 5 but a certain young lady called Suzie was also in the church that evening when Daniel got Baptised.

We were delighted that Jonathan was also invited to take part in the service along with Daniel's minister in Belfast.

Our Day at Tayto Castle - December 2012

We talked about doing this when the kids were young but never got round to booking it during their school holidays but now we live only 30 minutes from Tayto Castle and of course it goes without saying that WE LOVE TAYTO CRISPS.

Our Family Photo Shoot - Feb 2013

Okay so the kids will cringe when they see which picture I have chosen here but IT IS MY BLOG!

They said that for our 30th Wedding Anniversary they were buying us a family photo shoot because the last one had been done in 1992.

However we were in three different countries for a few years around the anniversary time so finally we arranged it before Linda went even farther afield to South Korea.

Our Trip to South Korea - July 2013

Fantastic to meet up with our two Korean friends Sharon and Park who we originally met in Belgium and never thought we would see again.

Oh and of course to visit Linda and meet all her new friends.

Daniel & Suzie getting Married - October 2013

Beside the beach on a windy October day but look at all the smiles - the wind and cold couldn't stop those.

And now you know who that girl Susie is - who we didn't know and neither did Daniel on the evening of his Baptism.

Segway Playtime - August 2014

I know I mentioned this in I Love Silly Things that Make me Laugh but you should have seen how excited I was that day - I had so looked forward to getting on a Segway and then enjoyed it so much that I still like to talk about it.

Unfortunately Jonathan took ill and had to stay in bed at Daniel & Suzie's House all day so he missed this and that is why there is only the five of us instead of the six.

In the future there are going to be more Xtra Special Days

When Jonathan gets married, when Linda gets married and when grandchildren come along.

But in the past there have also been 6 very Xtra Special Days in our lives - the days when each of us individually asked for forgiveness from God and accepted the gift of Salvation through Jesus death on the cross.

And there is going to be one Xtra Special Day to beat all of them and that is the day when we are all going to be in Heaven together with our Lord and Saviour.

Have you had that Xtra Special Day in your life when you became a Christian?

Are You Looking Forward with absolute assurance that one day you be with your Saviour for eternity?

If you are not sure that you will spend eternity with Jesus then you may be interested in watching the 321 video at the top of the sidebar.

I hope this will enthuse you to think of ideas or use some of these ideas to instill family excitement in days you spend together as the kids get older.

Don't forget!
 These Xtra Special Days can be simple or complicated,
 far away or nearby your home,
 take up most of the day or just a couple of hours
 the most important thing is that you all have
 fun together and build memories.


  1. I have spent way too much of this month on front of my computer as well! But I have found so many lovely blogs like yours, I couldn't stop reading. What a beautiful family you have, I loved reading about the days that stick out to you in memory. :)

  2. Anonymous15:13

    I loved looking through your pictures! What a wonderful blessing to travel so much and give those beautiful moments to your children. Those memories will last forever! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Good job finishing the 31 Days series Sandra! I've enjoyed getting to know you more this month through your posts. And this was a great way to cap off the series. Lovely pictures of a beautiful family!

  4. And here's a loud clap from Australia for an Xtra special month and I can tell an Xtra special family! I loved seeing all your photos what a great post - hope you have been able to take the weekend off :)
    Wren x

  5. That is a lot of Xtra Special! May you continue to have these times with your family.

  6. I love the idea of Xtra Special days!!! It's so true that there will be one all-encompassing Xtra Special day when He returns!! :-) Thanks for linking this up with the Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop!

  7. Anonymous02:29

    Thanks for sharing these memories

  8. So many extra special days! Thank you for sharing them. :)

  9. Exciting times and special days! Thank you for sharing your interesting post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

  10. Anonymous20:02

    What joy to celebrate Xtra special days as a family. For me just being with family makes it special even if we are just hanging out. Blessed you linked up at The Weekend Brew.

  11. What amazing xtra special days you've had together as a family - a joy to read and thank you for sharing them and linking up with #AllAboutYou (ps would be great if you could add our link to your post, thank you!)