Friday, 5 December 2014

Fun in the Lounge! - Housework/Funwork 42

The Painters are upstairs.

They are working in the bedroom.

They finished in the lounge nearly 2 weeks ago,

        went off to another job,

               and came back yesterday.

Meanwhile Fred & I were in the lounge enjoying our new suite as well as the freshly painted walls.

Well they really needed to be done.

The first thing that happened in the lounge was the old suite went.

It wasn't in bad condition as it was less than 4 years old.

but was just too big for the size and shape of this lounge so we sold it on Gumtree (similar to Craigslist).

We listed it on a Friday, a couple came to see it on the Saturday and then came back and took it home with them on the Monday.

Look at those walls after the suite had been removed!

So then we waited for the painters to come.

The day after they finished, the new suite arrived.

Then Fred was off on one of his business trips so I just got the overhaul and inventory done and then when he got back we put the curtains up  (so glad the curtains and cushions go nicely with this new suite as they are only a year old)

and the pictures & mirror up on the walls.

Some pictures were put back in the same places as before and some other family pictures are being added.

The room looks bigger and brighter now because the new suite is lighter in colour and slightly smaller in size

plus we finally decided to remove the big coffee table from the centre of the room.

We have debated this back and forward all the time we have lived here but now it has gone.
Not far mind you as it matches most of the rest of the lounge furniture and the dining room furniture because in our previous house we had a large L-shaped living dining room and we got it all to match.  So it is sitting in the Sun Room for now and will have to find another place to rest soon.

You may have noticed that the lamps were back in the room but no ornaments.

That is because we decided that it would be a silly waste of time to put in the ornaments and then remove some of them again to decorate for Christmas.

Our first three Christmas cards.

Notice the cuddly Penguin, one of our favourites.

A very simply decorated Mantlepiece.

The kids' 3 Santa hats come out each year - these are over 20 years old now.

So our final situation with the Lounge now is that it is ready for Christmas even if none of the other rooms are.

And Yes it was FUNWORK for this result in the Lounge to have it all finished and to be very happy with the new suite.

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  1. At least one room is ready. That has to count for something!

  2. The new color looks great! and I am loving those curtains too. Your room looks wonderful.

  3. The room looks beautiful! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing it!