Friday, 30 January 2015

365 in 365 for January - Housework/Funwork

Just a couple of weeks before the painters took over our house shortly before Christmas  I had joined a facebook Group called 365 in 365 and I hoped that this was going to be a big help in the decluttering of our house (or so I had planned).

365 in 365 stands for 

Decluttering 365 items in 365 Days

With this group it meant I would have a whole year to get 365 things out of my house but then I saw that most of the others in the group were treating it as a calendar year!!!

Realistically if I wanted to get my rooms back in order before Christmas without leaving any other places bunged full with the surplus, and use the 365 in 365 then I would have needed to do

at least

365 items in 20 days

and that was just not possible just before Christmas

so I had to make the decision to restart this in the New Year.

So now one month in to 365 in 365 how have I been doing?

In my yearly Housework/Organising Schedule  this month was set to see the overhaul of the Master Bedroom and it's Ensuite.

The Ensuite 

This was not a big problem as it is so small and the contents had not changed much from last January - the only real difference was that the ceiling and woodwork had been painted in December so not much of a cleaning there.

As for the Decluttering

I did manage to do away with 4 items from the Ensuite

2 Liquid soaps to go to car boot sale for Church  -  I still have far too many soaps.
1 plug strainer to go to car boot sale for Church  -  it does not fit any of the showers, bath or sinks
1 plastic container to be thrown out as it doesn't stay closed properly any more so I wasn't tempted to upcycle it .

The Master Bedroom

This is a bigger problem because it is large and we have a lot of drawers and a lot of items.

The first quick tidy up in the room resulted in 6 items for the 365 in 365

A bag of plastic bags
5 plastic hangers for the car boot sale

Then a sweep through the drawers brought these 10 items to go for the 365 in 365

2 old bank cards from our time in Belgium - they could go as the accounts are all closed now
1 Supermarket card also from Belgium  -  off to the bin
1 Airline tag - Fred never uses it now
1 glasses case can go to the car boot sale  -  Fred never used it 
1 piece of pink cloth to throw out  -  no idea where it originated from
2 bank card folders for car boot sale  -  no need for American or Belgium cards anymore
2 Tram tickets for Belgium  -  we haven't been back in the four years since moving back to UK

In the Master Bedroom the worst things to be tackled are always the bedside cabinets as we tend to just throw things in the drawers and shelves as time goes on.

Fred hates to have to sort his out but I started into mine to see if I could tidy it up and get together some more things to go for my 365 in 365

The Top of the cabinet was not bad.

The Drawer was terrible

The drawer now looks like this

I just love my drawer organisers from LAKELAND
They are really for desk drawers but I have them here as well.

But out of the mess there I only ended up with 4 items for 365 in 365

A lipstick that I hardly ever used and decided I didn't really like
some coupons that were out of date
some cough sweets that most be out of date they had been in there so long
and a button and I don't remember what it belongs to.

All the other things that did not really belong in the drawer have been removed to be found a true home later.

Then it was time for the inside shelves of the Bedside Cabinet

From it I only managed to get 1 item for the 365 in 365

1 puzzle book could go  -  I may be working on several at the one time but they don't go until I am finished.

Other things just had to go to their proper homes.

So that the shelves could be left nice and tidy.

Lots of room on the shelves but no doubt that will fill up again in a couple of months.

And finally the Bedside Cabinet was sorted cleaned and finished  

Yes I could have taken the bottle away but that would not have been true to form as there is practically always a bottle of water beside my bed.

The rest of the furniture in the room was reasonably tidy and containing the items they were meant to.

And then I spied these - another 4 items for the 365 in 365

Yes 4 Paint brochures that were lying on the floor???????
Definitely to be thrown out - I don't want to be thinking about any more painting for a long long time.

So a total of 29 items for this month.
Not bad only 2 short for the 31 days in January

Unfortunately not too much Funwork this time but I did some Decluttering and I have a reorganised Bedside Cabinet which makes me happy enough.

If anyone is interested in this facebook group to encourage you in your decluttering just click on 365 items in 365 Days 
I know my friend Hilda will welcome you to the group.

Thanks to Asheritah Ciuciu over at "One Thing Alone" for the free monthly calendar printable used above.  Head over and grab one for yourself each month.


  1. Great job decluttering Sandra! And thanks for sharing the 365 in 365 group! I'm sure you're inspiring others to declutter too :)

  2. This is a fantastic challenge, great job! I've been decluttering this year too and tackled the kitchen in January. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup and hope you join us again this weekend! Pinning to our linkup board.

  3. This is what I need to do in my house!! Great job, even the drawers are tidy!

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  5. Great job. Would love to do this, but it's February and where do we find the time?

  6. Wow, so far so good, you're doing an excellent job" this is a great challenge! might join you! though is february??? :) thanks for sharing!

  7. Decluttering ... Sounds interesting project.

  8. Good for you! I've been doing the same here.

  9. 29 items is great!

    This just sounds like such a fun way to try and declutter!

    Thanks for sharing it for the letter J.