Friday, 27 February 2015

Decluttering My Kitchen in February - Housework/Funwork

365 in 365 stands for 

Decluttering 365 items in 365 Days

It is a Facebook Group I joined and it means I would have a whole year to get 365 things out of my house,   I started this properly in January see  365 in 365 for January - Housework/Funwork 47

So now two months in to 365 in 365 how have I been doing?

In my yearly Housework/Organising Schedule  this month was set to see the overhaul of the Kitchen.

This has been such a busy month that I have not even written as many blog posts as usual and I had to tackle my kitchen too.

There are some things I just love about my kitchen but keeping it tidy is something I am not good at so the careful consideration of how we use the kitchen and the decluttering of it really is important.

The Kitchen 

The inventory was done last year but I still thought about a few changes to the contents of some of the cupboards this year so the inventory would have to change a little as well as just being checked over.

On different days I did seriously try to think about what could GO from the kitchen and then one day my husband helped get rid of two things.

Yes he dropped a mug and a small plate so I was immediately down by 2 items without me having to think about them.

As for the REAL Decluttering

I did manage to decide to throw out 5 small plates that I have had for more years than I care to remember and they are so faded now that it made sense for them to be thrown out.

Along with a granite chopping board that has sat on the worktop for a few years but hubby refuses to use.  These 6 items had to go to the dump.

Then I continued with all the plates and bowls etc. of different sets and sizes and stood strong and courageous and decided on 32 plates to go to the Car Boot Sale our church does in aid of the Water Project in Zimbabwe.

Yes I really did have a lot of plates but we had always used a lot of plates for entertaining before.

Then a top cupboard gave me another 2 items more for the car boot sale

So a total of 42 items for this month.
Not bad for the 28 days in February.

So running total gives me
January   29
February 42
TOTAL    71  items  in  59 days

Some Reorganising 

I did reorganise 2 cupboards in the kitchen

One of the cupboards held a really large seagrass basket that was used to hold packets of crisps.
Now Fred & I do not eat as many crisps as we used to and the kids are all off living in their own places now so I decided I could take this away and use it elsewhere - not sure exactly how yet.

The bottom section of the cupboard needed a good cleaning and then I was able to put in some of the larger items that were sitting out before.

Another of the cupboards was rather underutilized so now I have some of my large plastic containers and empty tins that are not used so often in the back of the bottom shelf of it with still room for the bread to sit in front and there was also room for the few crisps we have to go on the top shelf.

Forgot to take a before picture of this one.

Unfortunately definitely not much Funwork instead of Housework again this time but I did a good lot of Decluttering and acquired some more space in a few of my cupboards.

Rather happy however to be ending February somewhat ahead of my goal for the year in the 365 in 365.

Decluttering & Reorganising the kitchen with 365 in 365

If anyone is interested in this facebook group to encourage you in your decluttering just click on 365 items in 365 Days 
I know my friend Hilda will welcome you to the group.

Thanks to Asheritah Ciuciu over at "One Thing Alone" for the free monthly calendar printable used above.  Head over and grab one for yourself each month.

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  1. Great job this month Sandra! Kitchens are always a great place to declutter because our needs change so much over time and there are usually things we don't use as much anymore. Can't wait to see your March update!

  2. Haha I love it when husbands "help" by dropping things. Kids are good at that, too.

  3. I think this seems like such a great year long project. It's one of my goals to reorganize and declutter my house. What's really neat about this is that you can all support each other and keep each other accountable. What an awesome idea! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  4. Wonderful job of 'decluttering' ~ do you hire out? ^_^

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. Decluttering each day one thing would be hard for me! Hubby is not helping, because he's the same way:)

  6. I'm on kitchen cleaning mania this weekend! It's been too long and it needs a thorough going over...

  7. Car Boot Sale our church does in aid of the Water Project in Zimbabwe: a very worthy cause. My church does for Thailand.

  8. 42 items is great! I would have bought the top blue and white plates! Very charming!

    And very nice of your husband to help you out with your decluttering.

    Thanks for a kute link for the letter K.