Friday, 27 March 2015

March 365 in 365 - Housework/Funwork 51

This month has included:

  • Preparing for a Sunday School Teachers Training Meeting
  • 2 weeks of travelling with Fred around Southern Ireland as he was working in various places there
  • Washing, ironing, packing and unpacking between trips
  • 2 weeks of Fred being away so having the house to myself
  • Overhaul and inventory of the Guest Room and it's Ensuite 
  • Decluttering from those two rooms
  • Birthday Celebrations for Fred in between trips
  • Preparation for my Sister & Brother-in-law coming for a few days next week

Packing and Unpacking are two of the things I like least but I do like to travel (once I get on the road that is).
Hotels are fine but you can get fed up with those if you have to stay in too many of them so I really don't know how Fred has coped with all the travelling he has done with work over all these years.

However I am enjoying the Decluttering I am doing this year.

That is the result of things disappearing from rooms
              but not the part of deciding what stays and what goes and where it goes to.

I am not good at making decisions!

But they have to be made!

So from the Guest Room & it's Ensuite I managed to send 9 things to the Car Boot Sale for our Church Missionary Water Project in Zimbabwe

4 cushion covers which don't suit the decor of the house any more
2 glass tea light holders because I have too many of these types of things
2 flower candle rings because the Guest room is no longer that kind of colour
1 double bed size duvet set I have held on to for years but we don't have any use for it.
Total of 9 items

Then I also had some different material type things for recycling

1 cheap, cheap tie that was bought by one of our sons and now they can't remember who bought it
1 single yellow sheet no longer needed
1 piece of net material - not sure where it came from
2 old super king size duvets and 2 sets of pillow cases which are now replaced with the new ones

and of course that

1 sarong  that featured in What not to do with my Sarong!
Total of 8 items

There were also some things that just had to be thrown out

broken hangers, toothpaste tubes, messy leaking soap container, empty containers, little trial sachets
Lip Balm about a year out of date
A broken piece of hard plastic (we can't figure out what it is from)
An old iphone
The box and booklet of the old iphone.
Total of  9 items

We also had some books that our daughter had borrowed and we needed to return to the owners.

Total of 4 items

AND Must not forget 

1 Pair of old curtains from the Guest Room that I had hated and am so happy to have replaced them.
They are still in very good condition so they will hopefully be sold on Gumtree.
Total of 1 item

So how did I do this month with my 365 Items in 365 Days Challenge?

Car Boot Sale                          9
Recycling Material                  8  
Throwing out                         9
Items Returned                       4
Gumtree                                1             
March Total                    31 in 31 Days

So running total gives me
January     29
February   42
March       31
TOTAL    102  items  in  90 days         

Overall this month I have to say it was more Funwork than Housework considering I was away staying in hotels and seeing places I had never seen before
I'm still ahead of schedule in my decluttering.

If anyone is interested in this facebook group to encourage you in your decluttering just click on 365 items in 365 Days 
I know my friend Hilda will welcome you to the group.

Thanks to Asheritah Ciuciu over at "One Thing Alone" for the free monthly calendar printable used above.  Head over and grab one for yourself each month.


  1. Great job Sandra! Especially with the travelling you were doing and all the other things you were busy with. Good job being ahead of schedule still :)

  2. What a great job of decluttering and I hope you had fun down here in Ireland - Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board

  3. Thanks for joining the Small victories Linkup. Please join again.

  4. I just went through my bathroom 'stuff' and threw out A LOT of junk I didn't need/use. It felt good!

  5. Good for you, Sandra. I've been purging around here for the past year or so, but cranked it up this past month. I've made great progress. It feels good, doesn't it. Keep up the good work! ;-)

  6. Oh Boy ~ are we on the 'same wavelength' or what ~ am doing the same thing ~ Good luck to you!

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. What a fun post. This is the first one I've caught. You seem to be doing a great job with your quest!

  8. Wow summer cleaning .... I could never throw out so many items at one time

  9. I admire how you just chip away at things that need to be done!

    You are delightfully efficient!

    Thanks for linking to the letter D.