Friday, 20 March 2015

What NOT to do with My Sarong (in the Ensuite) - Housework/Funwork

I had some problems this month.

My Home Organising Schedule for this month has
The Sun Room and the Office but Fred is away each week travelling with work so I knew I would not be able to tie him down (and I would almost literally have to do that) to get the Office tackled this month.

I had to be flexible and swap over March and April this year.

So this meant that I would concentrate on the Guest Bedroom and the Guest Ensuite this month which worked in very well as my sister and brother-in-law had planned to come to stay last weekend and it would be a good idea if they actually could have space to move around the Guest room which was covered in Sunday School Materials that I was working on for a leaders meeting.

I started in the Guest Room Ensuite.

Now you have to guess which of my 5 Essential Items came out straight away?

All of them!    Click on the picture above if you haven't read about these items before.

Then there were the thoughts about what to do with the window in the Ensuite.

Small room so taking pictures is difficult but I hope you can see the two hooks above the window.

We had another case of two hooks above a window in this house so obviously the previous owners liked hooks.  At least these ones are pretty much level with each other not like the ones that I had to contend with in The Smallest Room in the House

I'm guessing these ones are level because of the lines of the tiles making it easier to place them.

Anyway I thought maybe I should finally put up some kind of drape over the top of the window so got to thinking of what I should buy but then I remembered the very very thin silky sarong I had that matched my favourite swimsuit but I never used it as a sarong because it was so silky and was always sliding about.

I got it out and compared the colours to the little edging tiles in the ensuite and the colours were a good match.  They really were a good match when I held the sarong up beside the wall - I promise they really were.

So I took the sarong and folded it

and then I draped it over the hooks.

I had to get out the little step stool thing we have to get up to them and it was awkward as there was not a lot of space to fit it beside the toilet which is under the window but I managed and I climbed up and down several times trying different ways to drape the sarong.

Low in the middle and higher at the sides & vice versa or twisted around more or even loosely twirled around on the diagonal.   No matter which way I tried it, I could see it was not going to work.

It just would not look right for 2 reasons
  • it became much darker when it was folded or draped in any way and no longer looked like a match for the tile colours
  • the mixture of the drape and the large scalloped edge of the roller blind was hideous

So my window is still bare except for those two hooks.

I may have to try to get them off the tiles sometime like we managed with the other hooks unless any of you readers can give me any other suggestions as to how to dress the window.

Next on to the Guest Room.

When the painters were in before Christmas we managed to finally get rid of the awful wallpaper we had in the GuestRoom, well what I mean is the awful wallpaper the previous house owners had put up and we had put up with for the last 4 years.

This just was not something I would ever have chosen for this room or any other - too dark for the room with the dark wood furniture as well and so difficult to get bedding to match.

Mostly I used the old Superking size duvet I had had in Maroon but it really clashed and so did more neutral ones like above.

So for ages after the wall was stripped of the wallpaper and painted a pale beige colour called "Purity" I debated about what bedding to get and could never decide because I also needed to get curtains to replace the ones that had been left by the previous owners and I never thought they even matched in with the wallpaper.  Forgot to get a picture of them before we took them down but they were cream with a red flower and leaf!!!

My favourite colour is blue and the Guest Room Ensuite is white with blue and teal and mauve and silver in the small decorated tiles so I never could understand why they had gone for the maroon/plum/red/pink colour of that wallpaper.

But because blue is my favourite colour I was reluctant to go with blue here as I knew I would just get remarks like "Oh Blue again!"

However I could not see curtains and bedding to match that I liked and I was not going to pay hundreds of £££ because in this room the curtains would have to be nice and heavy and well lined to keep out the light especially when our oldest son came to stay.

Eventually one night I suddenly remembered the heavy navy curtains I had in my bedroom in Belgium before we moved here.  They had not been suitable for anywhere in this house but I had always been reluctant to get rid of them and they would be perfect in this room.

Now why did it take me so long to think of that?

We got them out and even though they are slightly too long it is not too much to drape on the floor.

We have two small windows quite close together so one pair of curtains to frame the outer sides of each is the preferred scenario to still allow as much light into the room as possible.

I also had a pair of silver tie-backs from before so I put them on here.

Then all I had to do was get super king sized bedding with navy in it.

I found two different sets that were very reasonably priced; one predominantly navy for the winter and one brighter with navy, blue and grey for the summer.

Then with the addition of a large beach scene painting we have had for around 20 years it looked like this.

Then of course I needed to add some blue decor to the room.

So one of the things I did was to use a brighter blue kind of vase/bowl thing that I have had for years

and another was my butterfly decorated tissue box cover.

The bedding has stripes of pale beige in it (although in this picture it almost looks like off white) so it matches the walls and the vertical blinds too.

So how do my bedding and curtains do together?

I think they do fine.

There was a little piece of decor that had always sat on the windowsill in this room and for years has always been a feature of my Guest room in different homes but it is a dusky green colour and I thought that now it might have to go.

The greeting on it is one that I have always felt suited our Guest Room so I decided it could stay and is now back on the windowsill.

It can be my greeting to you as well as you visit my blog.

Well seems like more Housework in this post than Funwork but this is basically all I have been doing in the house other than some washing and ironing this month so far because I have been travelling with Fred for a couple of weeks which I think we can call the Fun part.

Oh yes, after that work in the guest room I didn't have my visitors last weekend after all.

Only question left now is

What will I do with My Sarong?

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  1. That wall paper was really something! The guest room looks so fresh and lovely now! You must just love it!