Your Next Coffee Break - A Dose of Encouragement

Easter time two years ago.

I had 3 large Galaxy bars of chocolate which were almost out of date and I didn't know what to do with them.

Gee what a problem!!

               Eat them of course.

 But not when we were trying to lose weight & cut down on cholesterol.


My friend had called round the day before.

                Maybe I should have given them to her?

                                But wasn't it bad for her health too?

Maybe I should have taken them to the kids in our small Sunday School Class?

But they had already got lots of Easter Eggs from everywhere they went and should they really be eating too much chocolate?

 I know they were too young to be disciplined enough not to tuck in quickly to any chocolate they get.

Is it a sin to throw out chocolate?

                                           I don't think so.

                                                             But did I have the willpower to do it?

                                                                                       Yes, they went into the bin!

My will power is not always this good with chocolate, is yours?

There are lots of other things in our lives that we really need to throw out but ??????????

There are things that clutter our homes.

Then there are also things that clutter our minds.

These can be very difficult to get rid of.

But as a Child of God we are not alone and when we take the first steps to decluttering our minds so that they are freer to concentrate on

the Bible Study we have been planning to start into for months,

                or the one we have started and not continued with

                                or the extra time we had planned to take to pray;

God will be ready to meet with us.

God will be ready to meet with us

Yes it is us that have the cluttered minds and are not ready.


My will power is not always this good, is yours?

So let me offer a little suggestion to help us get started and throw out some of this clutter from our minds.

Instead of grabbing a novel, or an ipad or even your phone when you are having your mug of coffee or tea in the middle of the morning or afternoon,

why not

Make your next coffee break time for you & God