Wednesday, July 1

Free Coffee! - A Dose of Encouragement

Well if you have dropped in to read in my blog often you will know by now that I love Coffee.

I especially like a good cappuccino and preferably one that does not cost as much as a lunch!!!

I love to sit at home or in a coffee shop with a nice atmosphere and sip my coffee.

Have you ever thought of offering someone a coffee in your home?

Have you ever invited someone to have a coffee with you in a nice coffee shop?

Have you ever bought a coffee for someone you don't know?

Possibly the answer to that last one is a no.

Well you can make that a YES by finding a coffee shop or cafe which offer the great service of a Suspended Coffee.

This is where you get the privilege of paying for a coffee which can be enjoyed later by someone who can't afford one but would appreciate the hot drink.

If you are around Belfast, Northern Ireland, drop into Common Grounds on University Avenue and you can do just that. On the board behind the counter you will see notes of pre-paid coffees waiting for someone to take up the opportunity.

Often you will also see the note of a pre-paid sandwich or bowl of soup too because people are willing to offer food for others who may be hungry.

Check out the story here

Now if you do get to visit Common Grounds you can also have some lunch, buy bags of coffee to take home to make for yourself, have a smile on your face while you drink their great cappuccinos (I know I always do) and enjoy your coffee even better with one of their delicious cinnamon scones.

At this point I have to say that I am NOT in any way reimbursed for my comments here.

I do however need to add that I know about this cafe and the friendly staff there because my son is the manager and I can truthfully tell you that yesterday, on the way back from our few days away at the North Coast, Fred and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours there.

It is a Fair Trade cafe and the profits go to charity so now you have even more reasons to go check it out.

And don't forget how you could make someone's day by being kind enough to leave them a Suspended Coffee, or Tea, or bowl of soup.....

Of course if you check out the facebook page that explains about the suspended coffees you will find many other places where you can be just as generous and leave a treat for someone.

In the bible we are taught to

        think of others,

                pray for others

                        and help others;

 it does not state they always have to be people we know.

We just need to have a generous, caring heart.

I think we all might enjoy our coffee better when we are sharing with others.

How about you?

Click on through HERE to see some more news about this cafe.


  1. Love this idea. Will definitely be visiting some time soon. Karen :)

  2. The suspended coffee/meal idea is a good one, I've heard it's really popular in America so it's great to see it catching on here. I love visiting coffee shops, usually to relax and read a book. I've not been to Common Grounds yet so must pay it a visit. Jean

  3. Indeed Sandra! Made me thirsty for a cup...Thanks for sharing on DanceWithJesus Linkup.

    Question for you. Would you be open to joining the book blog tour for Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace? See here

    (if you already have - forgive me-gotta get the list from my techie guru-my husband!)

  4. Hi Sandra: I haven't heard of the suspended coffee idea, I'll have to ask around. What a great idea though, pouring into others the love God has poured into us. So nice to read a post today from someone so far away...but so close to our Savior's heart.

  5. Hi Sandra! I like the idea of 'suspended coffee'! We have a little trend around here, where you can buy the coffee for the car behind you in line at the drive-through coffee shop. It's more of a 'pay it forward' kind of thing. I've never done it, but my daughter has, and she's also been the recipient of a free coffee.

    It's a great way to be generous! Just like you're doing with your coffee shop.
    Your neighbor at Testimony Tuesday,

  6. What a grand idea and awesome way to bless someone. That's something Jesus would do.
    Have a great day, Sandra!

  7. This is a wonderful idea - buy two - - one for me and one for "you." My grandson, recently purchased some iced coffees for some fire fighters working at a near by fire. Not exactly the same, but a blessing to them. Thanks for sharing your lovely story with us here at Tell me a Story.

  8. A good idea that can be applied in many places. Thanks for the reminder to be kind to others in an intentional way.

  9. Sandra, this is a lovely reminder of ways we can reach out to others in unexpected ways. Cheers to the coffee gal from the tea lady.

  10. Lovely. I would love to have a place her to do that. Perhaps I will just start doing it. :)