Our Stories & His Stories - A Dose of Encouragement

Fred has often talked to me about life on the farm when he was young and of course we have passed those stories on to our kids too.

I have talked about when I was young but I don't think I have as many stories as Fred does.

The first date Fred & I had was a really long walk and on that walk we talked and talked. Even though we had known each other for 2 years before this we still had so much to find out.

Now when we go for a walk quite often something will remind us of something that happened years ago or a story we have already shared with each other and we will mention it or just think about it as we walk along. Those are the things that help us to get to know each other, to see the joyful expressions, sad expressions and proud expressions we have over previous years.

Those are the things that have in a way defined how we are today so we need to understand many of these things about each other.

When Fred talks about the things that happened on the farm long before I met him I can picture them and learn so much about him.

This is what happens when we walk and talk with someone.

Just as it is what happens when we walk and talk with God.

I hear Fred's stories of the farm.
I read God's stories in the Bible.

Fred & I share our feelings with each other.
I share my feelings with God in prayer and hopefully I am gracious enough to listen and grasp some of God's feelings on my situations as well.

Fred & I talk about what happens daily.
We need to talk with God daily and thank Him for having His hand upon all that happens each day.

It's Good to share our Stories

Fred & I are looking forward to our first grandchild in October so you can imagine how much talk and preparation there is for that event.
All of this needs to go to God in prayer as well.
Prayer for the baby's birth, prayer for the health of our daughter-in-law, prayer for this grandchild to grow up to love God, prayer for our son & daughter-in-law that they will have wisdom as new parents, prayer for us to be wise grandparents.

When Fred travels for his work we facetime and tell each other what has been happening that day.
We like to see each other's smile and hear each other's voice.
God loves to hear our voice each day and our smiles must make Him happy too; something we need to remember.

Even though we are celebrating 38 years of marriage this week Fred & I still talk and talk and talk and also walk together.
It is important that we each, after all these years of being saved, still talk and talk and talk and also walk with God.

Just the other day Fred was talking about something 
which I had never heard of before from his youth, 

I was surprised that here was a new story but perhaps there will always be new stories.

With God there will always be new stories 
of what He has done 
what He is doing.

With God there will always be new Stories

I want to hear of these, 
I want to be part of these,
and thank Him for them.

I hope you do too.