Friday, 26 February 2016

Where Will They All Sleep? - Housework/Funwork

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The first month of the New Year is already over and what have I done in the house?

Well I try each year to follow my Monthly Plan which means I would have the Master Bedroom and the Master Ensuite to overhaul in the month of January.

I really felt as if I was very disorganised this year so far, blaming it on the fact that
  • we had our baby grandson to spend time with, 
  • we had two storms which did a lot of damage to our garden
  • we were preparing for our daughter to come from South Korea to spend the whole of February with us
  • we were preparing for our daughter's Korean boyfriend to come stay for a short period during this month
  • we were also preparing for our oldest son to come stay at the same time as Linda and Pildu (Stephen)

Hence my usual schedule is out the window!


Thankfully I am a woman of LISTS.

But when I realised that we would have Linda, Stephen and Jonathan all here at the same time I needed not just my lists but some restructuring and thinking as to how they would all be able to stay with us.

Now this probably seems strange that someone who is living in what was advertised as a 6 bedroom house is wondering how she is going to have 4 bedrooms available and usable.

But when we moved to our latest location we decided to not have rooms taken up as bedrooms when we would seldom need them.


  • Fred has an office
  • I have a study
  • We have a dressing room 
  • We also have a games room (which is really a storage room for the things the kids have left with us and the large pool table that came with the house).  

That leaves us with 2 bedrooms.

  • The Master Bedroom for Fred and I
  • The Guest Room for family & friends


A quick think back to October 2013 when our other son got married reminded us of how we could cope because then we had to provide sleeping arrangements for our three kids, a best man, a groomsman and ourselves.

Where will they all Sleep?

So how do I accommodate three extra people none of whom will be sharing a room?

  • Linda will be in the Guest Room because she will be here first and leave last.
  • We have a Bed-Settee in our Sun Room so that will mean the Sun Room will become a bedroom for Stephen.
  • We also have a great Airbed called the EZ bed (blows up by itself and is raised up on trellised legs) which collapses down to a very manageable storage size and that will be the bed for our son Jonathan and we had 4 places we could put it  -  kitchen seating area or dressing room or lounge or Fred's Office.

These beds are sold by JML on Amazon

          Single                  Double

Next Thought was about FOOD & MEALS

That was actually quite easy to plan and prepare because

  • Jonathan is always looking for any excuse to have Fish & Chips when he comes to stay with us as he is convinced that Fish & Chips in Northern Ireland are far superior to those in England; so we will have that once or twice. 
  • Linda will be looking to have all the meals she associates with home especially roast dinners because she hasn't got an oven to prepare those types of meals in Korea.
  • Stephen has previously lived in America for several years so will enjoy western style meals and enjoys tasting new things. 

Yes Tayto Crisps of all types were tasted daily by Stephen (even for breakfast) and found to be the Best Crisps in the World which of course we already knew.

Stephen is already back home in Korea after meeting our daughter-in-law and grandson, having had some sightseeing trips of our beautiful country and having been part of a special event in our lives (see picture below).

But of course there was another reason Stephen came to see us.

He came to ask if he could marry Linda.

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