The ABC Murders - Book Review

I am reading through the novels of Agatha Christie in the order in which they were written and writing a review on each one.

The ABC Murders



Agatha Christie’s world-famous serial killer mystery, reissued with a striking cover designed to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers.
There’s a serial killer on the loose, bent on working his way through the alphabet. And as a macabre calling card he leaves beside each victim’s corpse the ABC Railway Guide open at the name of the town where the murder has taken place.
Having begun with Andover, Bexhill and then Churston, there seems little chance of the murderer being caught – until he makes the crucial and vain mistake of challenging Hercule Poirot to frustrate his plans…

My Thoughts

This is the 25th book by Agatha Christie and the 12th Poirot Mystery

It is one of my least favourites even though Hastings is involved with Poirot for the solving of this mystery.

Miss Christie used a similar method by the murderer in this story as is Curtain and that is almost a spoiler which is unusual for me to write.
Perhaps that is why both those books are among my least favourites because I particularly do not like that kind of evil. 

Then there is another trait of the murderer that is also very evil so when the culprit is unmasked the reader has no sympathy for them at all.

She writes it full of red herrings but yet even among these all the clues are there waiting to be picked out and pieced together.  

This is one of the books that I would definitely recommend to be read before seeing the TV adaptation of it.  In fact I am a believer in any book being the real source of the story and so should always be read first but in this case I feel it really matters.

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  1. Do you know I have never read an Agatha Christie book - not one! But I love that you are going back and rereading all her novels maybe I’ll go and seek one out too. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this! X

  2. This sounds wonderful. I haven't been reading as much as I used to, but I'm anxious to get back in the groove!!

  3. This looks like a super interesting book, I've read a few Agatha books but not in a long while. #AnythingGoes

  4. I am poorly read, but have enjoyed several of Miss Christie's stories via film. At least from those experiences, I concluded that it's never the first or most obvious that is guilty. And there always seems to be a lynch pin of evidence that neatly ties it altogether. Thanks for sharing your insights and reflections.

  5. What a great idea to read all of Agatha Christie's books in order! There are so many great authors, I am trying to decide whose collections I would want to read. Jan Karon is a favorite and all of hers have been read in order. Now you have me thinking! I may have to wander slowly through my public library in order to make a decision! ;-) pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  6. It's great to have you back at Booknificent Thursday on after our month's vacation! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love that you are reading them in order that they were written, what a great idea!