5 Bargain Comedy Murder Mysteries

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Can Murder be funny?    

It is in these bargain books.

I like murder mysteries of a wide variety of types but sometimes it is just great to sit down with a book that can also make you laugh.

Here are a few that are recommended on Amazon to do that but will also not cost us very much to have that enjoyment.

Note: I am not sure how long these will be at such a good price.

Just click on the picture of each book to see more about it.

 A dead body on a carnival float at the village show.

A clear case of murder in plain sight, thinks new arrival Sophie Sayers - but why do none of the villagers agree?
What dark secrets are they hiding to prevent her unmasking the murderer, and who holds the key to the mystery?

- Hector, the gorgeous but enigmatic owner of the village bookshop

- Joshua, the intrusive yet insightful old man from next door

- Carol, village shopkeeper, the fount of village gossip, not all of it reliable

And what is that mysterious ingredient that almost knocks Sophie out when she takes tea at the village bookshop? (Not the best way to start a job interview.)

Book 1 in the bestselling Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series

Film lover Barbara Marr is a typical suburban mom living the typical suburban life in her sleepy little town of Rustic Woods, Virginia. Typical, that is until she sets out to find the missing link between a bizarre monkey sighting in her yard and the bone chilling middle-of-the-night fright fest at the strangely vacant house next door. When Barb talks her two friends into some seemingly innocent Charlie’s Angels-like sleuthing, they stumble upon way more than they bargained for and uncover a piece of neighborhood history that certain people would kill to keep on the cutting room floor.

237 pages of laugh-out-loud fun.

When newly divorced Marcie starts working at her aunt’s sketchy matchmaking service, she knows it’s going to be rough.

Helping people fall in love is the last thing she wants to do, even though she and her three kids could really use the money.

Love is a sham, after all, and now she has to hawk it out like a coat full of fake Rolexes.

But she never expected she’d be helping to solve the murder of her aunt’s neighbor, a rich prepper who made his millions selling survivalist supplies, and hated women about as much as Marcie hates men. He had a lot of enemies and, unfortunately, Marcie’s aunt was one of them, and quickly becomes a suspect in his murder.

An unlikely recipe for a better life!
When Mom convinces Christy to ditch her "lousy" job and help with the catering business, their fledgling partnership suffers a few setbacks. One of them can't cook, they're short a catering van, and the guest of honor at their first party is murdered.That would be bad enough, but then, Christy's cousin, Celia, becomes the prime suspect.
Solving a murder is no easy task, but when drunken death threats, a dashing detective, and terrifying taxidermy are added into the mix, the case becomes almost impossible to crack. Who knew a small town like Fletcher Canyon could be filled with so much craziness?
Will the disaster-prone duo find the real killer before Celia's reputation is destroyed, or will Celia end up in prison for murder? Find out in this quick comedy cozy!

I am the Honourable Daisy Wells, President of the Detective Society, one of the greatest detectives ever known - and also a fourth former at Deepdean School for Girls.

Violet Darby - one of the Big Girls - recently asked me to solve a most puzzling romantic mystery. I knew I'd be able to crack the case, and I did, in just a day and a half. It was one of my greatest triumphs (Hazel Wong, my Vice-President and best friend, is telling me that this is boasting, but it is also the truth). Hazel didn't believe I would have the patience to write the account of it, but of course, she was wrong. I did write it down, and it came out very well.
I now, therefore, present to you: the Case of the Blue Violet.

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  1. I love a murder mystery and the ones I read are usually quite dark and serious, but I love the idea of a comedy murder mystery too. I always enjoyed the No1 Ladies Detective Agency series, which was more lighthearted.
    Popping over from Read With Me.

  2. Comedy murder mysteries sound interesting. Your reviews are great and make me want to learn the rest of the story. :) Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup!

  3. My eldest daughter adores Robin Stevens! Thanks for sharing these ideas with #readwithme

  4. I love cozy mysteries. Thanks for the list! I read everything, but sometimes I need to read a good cozy. Favorites that come to mind are Myrtle Clover, Flavia DeLuce(sp?), and Ivy Malone.

  5. These all sound really good. Thanks for the suggestions. #HomeMattersParty

  6. I love murder mysteries and I enjoy comedy - had not thought of reading books which combine those topics so thanks for the great ideas, will add them to my reading list #AnythingGoes

  7. Cake a nd murder sounds like the perfect duo for a book! #AnythingGoes

  8. These look like a lot of fun! I've never read a murder mystery that is a comedy. Now to find time to read them! ;-)

  9. Fun!!! I love a good mystery! I'm always waiting for the next Laura Child's Tea Shop Mystery to come out... <3 Pinned to my Tomes {Books} and Short Stories board for you and our readers. <3

    Have a great week and happy reading,
    Barb :)

  10. I used to read murder mysteries in my teens - maybe I should give some of these a go!
    Thanks for joining in with #coolmumclub

  11. Murder Mysteries aren't really my thing but I love that these are funny ones. Makes me want to give them a try actually :) #CoolMumClubb