A Great Way to Use Your TV - Coffee & Conversation

Practically everyday in our home a certain thing is said 

"Did you turn the TV on?"

Mostly it is said by me to Fred as I lift the iPad and head to the Sun Room (during the summer months or the Living Room (during the winter months)

Why do I want the TV on?

Well it's not to see the news (which I try to avoid having to watch) or to watch the latest episode of any of the Soap Operas but instead it is to make sure we are ready to cast from the iPad to the television using Chromecast so that we can watch something from one of the TV apps or Netflix on the larger TV screen rather than the iPad.

Because we never (well at least very very rarely) watch live TV anymore.

Chromecast is great for this but it also serves another purpose for us.

While we have Chromecast connected there are always pictures from Google randomly changing on the screen, some of which are very beautiful, so often when we have finished watching something we will just let the TV stay on with these pictures as we sit on for a while reading emails or other things.

Then of course Fred decided a quite some time ago that he would connect some of his Google Photo Albums to it and now we mostly have a selection of our own photos to entertain us.

What could be a nicer way to remind yourself of some lovely events of the past months and years.

What a simple way to bring a smile to your face or make you laugh as you see the fun pictures from a holiday together with all the family or from our kid's weddings, or from one of those Xtra Special Days that we had together doing something out of the normal for us.

A Great Way to enjoy your Memories.

It's a much better way of using our television than watching live TV and getting caught up watching the next programme that comes on just because it comes on and we are there.

It is also QUIET!

So a great atmosphere for reading for someone like me who quite often does not want noise or music in the background.

Now that is where Fred and I differ as there is another use for the TV and Chromecast in our house because Fred will use it to watch You Tube Videos of new worship songs.  This is one problem with having a husband who is home a lot!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Will have to research more into this as this sounds interesting.

  2. Love this tip!

  3. We definitely turn the tv on in our home too much the world we live in I guess great read Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week