Top 10 things I Do Each Day to NOT Keep a Tidy Home

Notice I DID write NOT keep a TIDY Home


This was not a mistake

So here are my very simple honest

 Top 10 Things I Do Each Day to NOT Keep a Tidy House 

1.     Set my alarm and then repeatedly hit snooze

2.     Open the Post and throw it on the table

3.     Go right from breakfast to the computer before filling the dishwasher

4.     Do not read my Todo list until the afternoon

5.     Go through Social Media before lunch

6.     Set my timer, ignore and then set it again

7.     Last thing at night - say I'm going to turn off the lamp and clear the living room - then an hour later......

8.     Say to myself - I can fit some more paper in that waste paper bin in my study but no it overflows on to the floor instead.

9.     Go to check the washings in the Utility room but get waylaid by the draw of a cup of coffee and then forget what I was going to do and end up back at the computer with my coffee mug.

10.    Any other form of procrastination I can think of at any time of the day.

Why don't I keep my home tidy?

I know I sort of filed this in my mind as part of  Coffee & Conversation  because it is one of my short chatty posts but perhaps it actually falls under the category of  Home Organising as illustrated above because let's face it there wasn't actually any housework was there!

Or perhaps it truly belongs under the category of 10 Things because I like numbers

You can choose for yourself where you think it belongs.


  1. This is funny and so true. TFS

  2. Haha, yep, I would say that number ten just about sums it up!

  3. Truth be told we are all like this lol!

  4. Very funny. And let's not forget the leave the dishes in the sink overnight. That is one of my pet peeves.

  5. Hilarious! I’m guilty of all of these.

  6. There are days we are better off in bed. God bless you!

  7. Some of these are very funny, yet very true. I enjoyed this post Sandra.

  8. Cute! Sounds like me as I was unpacking all these past weeks... I'd get going on one thing then get distracted by another, Lol! Did manage to get most of the bookcases filled although there are more boxes to go through. ;)

    Happy Easter to you,
    Barb :)

  9. A good list! lol Enjoyed your post.

  10. Thank you for such an affirming post. I can totally relate!

  11. My all time one is fill the sink with dishes and water in the morning then think I should just check facebook quick....... then scramble to wash dishes because it is super time while yelling paper plates tonight for EVERYONE!! hahaha

  12. I am guilty of #4...over and over! LOL Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  13. SO cute! It's hard not to procrastinate... especially when I'm faced with household chores.

  14. Cute and TRUE post! I get it, everyday!

  15. I'm a tidy house keeper... it's lessening as I age... but still. I cannot do papers on the counter nor dishes in the sink!

  16. Yup. All true. And all hard sometimes. That one about social media before lunch is challenging, but I may give it a try!

  17. I can definitely relate to most of these. As soon as I tidy I loose things.