5 Bargain Winter Mysteries

I was on holiday last week and in my travel preparation list I always have a certain ToDo listed.

Download Books to Kindle

Now that doesn't mean that I go searching at the last minute to find books on Amazon because I already have so many ebooks found (mostly free ones) and have them already downloaded.  However I don't like having my actual old original model of the kindle cluttered with all the books I have read or ever intend to read so I keep the majority of my books in the cloud.  Hence my ToDo really meant that I was to take a little time to chose from my many books the ones I felt like reading on this trip.

So having done that I immediately started thinking that it was one thing choosing for a holiday relaxing in the sun and nice temperatures of 19 - 22 degrees centigrade but what about when I would come home again into the cold Wintery weather here in Northern Ireland with temperatures of 4-11 degrees.

Hence the idea to share with you some of the free or nearly free Winter themed Cosy Mysteries that I have on my kindle.  Well we still have the end of January and all of February to get through of the winter to curl up on the couch with a hot mug of coffee and a good quick read.

So if you are ready to snuggle up with a good mystery then enjoy investigating these ones.

Read the quick blurbs below to see if they appeal to you.

Note: I am not sure when prices will go up or down.

Also have to admit I have at this point not read all of them.

1.  Ice Blue 

Anthony Hetheridge, ninth Baron of Wellegrave, Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard, never married, no children, no pets, no hobbies, and not even an interesting vice, will turn sixty in three weeks. With the exception of his chosen career, too sordid for his blue-blooded family to condone, his life has been safe and predictable. But then he meets Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield – beautiful, willful, and nearly half his age. When Hetheridge saves the outspoken, impetuous young detective from getting the sack, siding with her against Scotland Yard’s powerful male hierarchy, his cold, elegantly balanced world spins out of control. Summoned to London’s fashionable Belgravia to investigate the brutal murder of a financier, Hetheridge must catch the killer while coping with his growing attraction to Kate, the reappearance of an old flame, and the secret that emerges from his own past.

2.  The Winter Mystery 

Jenny Starling is spending Christmas in a snowed-in country house cooking all the traditional food she loves. But the family she’s working for are not full of the seasonal spirit. In fact, they seem to hate each other.

On Christmas Eve, someone is found dead on the kitchen table. And the head of the family is blaming Jenny!

But with an incompetent detective called in, and seemingly no motive for the murder, Jenny will have to give the police a hand.

She will stop at nothing to clear her name and find the real murderer.

3.  Snowed In With Death 

Six famous detectives are snowed in together.

One by one, they start to die.

Getting snowed in with six private detectives in a remote house in Scotland is actually the stuff of Holly’s daydreams. An enthusiastic amateur sleuth herself, she is thrilled to have won the chance to attend the annual meeting of the best private detectives in the country.

But when dinner is served with a side of death, everyone knows… there is a murderer in their midst!

Will Holly crack the case before her number is up?

Rest and relax with some Bargain Mysteries this Winter

4.  Murder On A Winter Afternoon

A snow-covered cottage is nestled in the hills… but inside a body lies dead upon the floor.

Melissa Craig is enjoying winter in the Cotswolds, taking brisk walks through the snowy fields and basking in the winter sunshine. The only thing Melissa is plotting is her Christmas shopping.

But after the unexpected death of local writer Leonora Jewell, Melissa is asked to complete Leonora’s final book. However, on her first visit to the cottage, she finds a gruesome object overlooked by the police: a metal bar covered with dried blood.

Terrified, Melissa rushes to the nearest telephone box to call the police. But by the time they reach Leonora’s cottage, the murder weapon has mysteriously vanished.

5.  The Winter Garden Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries)

In England, 1923, The Honorable Daisy Dalrymple has made a decision that, while shocking to her class, is in perfect keeping with the spirit of the times. Rather than live with relatives until she marries, she has decided to make her own living with her writing. Her series of articles on country manor homes has proven to be a success, and she travels to Occles Hall to research her latest piece.
What she finds is a household under the thumb of the ill-tempered and demanding Lady Valeria. And the discovery of the body of a pregnant maid buried in the winter garden does nothing to improve Lady Valeria's mood. A young Welsh under-gardener is arrested for the crime but Daisy is sure of his innocence. 


  1. Yes, I am the same. I hate packing, but choosing what books to take on holiday or what to download onto kindle is the most fun. All your recommendations sound great!

  2. Oooh, Sandra! These mysteries sound really fun!!! Sorry I missed getting a comment in on FB Blogging Fifty. Definitely pinning your post and the mystery tweet. <3

    Happy Valentine's Day to you,
    Barb :)

  3. Great selection Sandra, I've read ICE BLUE and would recommend it.