How to Get rid of That Sticky Problem - Organising

Have you ever had a "Sticky Problem"?

Have you ever had that thought of "How am I ever going to get that off that?"?

Well I really did not know what to do with a problem that was in our house when we moved in several years ago so I just left it and got on with other things because I knew what to do about them.

Each time I would do a yearly overhaul of the toilet off our utility room I would have no problem going through my ToDo list of things that needed to be done.

Except for that one item.

One thing each time was getting left on my list with the idea that some day when I have some extra time I will try to solve this problem I had.

Only one item, nothing else needed to be repaired and no other decorative work needed to be done.

And if you read the post  "An Organised Medicine Cabinet"  you would understand.

There were 2 hooks stuck to the tiled wall above the window
 that so annoyed me because they were
       1. different
      2. not level

You can see that clearly in the picture of the 2 different hooks above - I know, I know we can't understand why the previous owners did this either!

To be truthful I was just lazy about getting round to removing them plus being rather concerned about how to tackle this without annoying the tiles because the whole room is tiled floor to ceiling and we didn't want a new tile job.
 (Well they are definitely not my favourite tiles!  But the bother and expense of doing walls top to bottom did not really justify doing this except that while getting our new kitchen in over a year ago we had some times let from the kitchen and utility room and the tiler just put them down on top of the ones there so that we now had the same tiles throughout.)

So one day a couple of years ago I decided to get on with this (well I decided Fred could help me to get on with this).

Fred got a scraper blade thingy and cautiously tried to remove the hook on the left.
Surprise, Surprise!
It came off quite easily and with a little bit more scraping all the glue was removed as well.

We were delighted  -  Yes this looked like it was going to be an easy clean job after all.

Then he tried the one on the right and although it did not come off as easily as the first one it did come off after a short time
even with more and more scraping the glue was not budging.

Not so delighted now, but still at least the hook was off and no tiles had been harmed in the process.

Fred said maybe we wouldn't really notice it because it was high up and the room is not used too much so we could live with it.

Does your husband say things like that.

Surely they that once we have seen it there we will always think of it when we enter that room.

A Solution had to been found!

I have a product from Lakeland (not sure if it is sold elsewhere) called
 it's mate STICKY STUFF Remover  which is a liquid.

So I got out the Gel which has a brush attached to the lid

I have used it previously for removing labels from containers with good success but would it remove this?

I simply applied the gel liberally over the glue residue and left it to work

I left it on about an hour and wiped it off with a damp sponge.

The result

the glue was completely removed.

So it does what it says on the tub.

Just another great product from Lakeland (one of my favourite shops as I have stated before)
I am not compensated in any way for mentioning this product.

You can imagine how thankful I was that this was not the awkward job we had imagined and it was nice to have a whole ToDo List completed.

Ok, Ok, I know it only had one item on it 
but the satisfaction was still there.

Now I don't have a sticky problem

and I don't have to even think about why there were 2 different hooks

and why they were at two different levels.

But every so often I do wonder Why????