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Here is my choice for the 
5 Best Quotes on the subject of Relationships

I am not a fan of QUOTES

In fact sometimes I get very annoyed at how people almost treat a quote
 as more important than the 
Word of God

I actually wrote a blog post about Do We Really Need This Quote?

However I do see that there are certain topics that there are some great quotes on from some very reliable people. This month I'm thinking about Relationships so let's get encouraged with some quotes around this.

There are many quotes from so many people on the subject of Relationships with God and with others but I prefer to only refer to or recommend ones from people who I trust as standing firm on the Word of God.

So in the list below I will quote

NOT  Rick Warren   but   Tim Keller

 NOT  Watchman Nee   but   Warren Wiersbe

NOT  Kay Arthur  but   J.C. Ryle

1.  J.C. Ryle

"But depend on it, bad company in this life, is the sure way to procure worse company in the life to come."

2.  Tim Keller

"Two things we want so desperately, glory and relationship, can coexist only in God."

3.  Randy Alcorn

"Countless mistakes in marriage, parenting, ministry, and other relationships are failures to balance grace and truth.  Sometimes we neglect both.  Often we choose one over the other."

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4.  C.S. Lewis

"Do not waste time bothering whether you "love" your neighbour; act as if you did."

5.  Warren Wiersbe

   "We may not be able to prevent other people from being our enemies, but we can prevent ourselves from being enemies toward others."   


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