Why We Worship 25

I am taking time each week to ask myself 
"Why we worship"

We are coming to the end of our series based around the attributes of God.

Next week will be the last one to be contemplated.

So this week I want to look at something that I really only started to think about in the last year or so.

Of course we have always thought of God as the only true God.

But here I want to think about God as God the Most High God meaning that He is Sovereign over everything.

He is in control in every situation.

So there is nothing or nobody (not even ourselves) that should come before God in all aspects of our lives.

Yes that is hard because most aspects of our lives we can quite easily say we are handing over to God but it should be all aspects of our lives.

In everything we should put God first.

In every day nothing should dethrone Him from being the King, the Lord of our lives.

All reverence must be given to God.

All honour must be given to God.

All glory must be given to God.

All worship must be given to God.

Is God the MOST HIGH GOD in your life?

Do you give Him all the worship?