Why We Worship 25

I am taking time each week to ask myself "Why we worship"

We are coming to the end of our series based around the attributes of God.

                Next week will be the last one to be contemplated.

So this week I want to look at something that I really only started to think about in the last year or so.

Of course we have always thought of God as the only true God.

But here I want to think about God as God the Most High God meaning that He is Sovereign over everything.

He is in control in every situation.

So there is nothing or nobody (not even ourselves) that should come before God in all aspects of our lives.

Yes that is hard because most aspects of our lives we can quite easily say we are handing over to God but it should be all aspects of our lives.

In everything we should put God first.

In every day nothing should dethrone Him from being the King, the Lord of our lives.

All reverence must be given to God.

All honour must be given to God.

All glory must be given to God.

All worship must be given to God.

Is God the MOST HIGH GOD in your life?

Do you give Him all the worship?


  1. Worshiping, moment-by-moment, day-by-day constantly, is all I can do when facing the reality of life in the world. It's quite stressful here, more and more, because sinfulness... which was NOT OK when I was a kid and known as sinful to almost everyone ... is now acceptable in our nation and many others around and about the world. Being loving and kindful, and planting the seed of God in hearts, is one important thing, BUT accepting the sinfulness so they'll be happy is not OK. Heavy sigh to me. His seed planted in me before I truly came to Him and left my sinfulness [not immediately, but in a reasonable time; knew I was still sinning, but was trying to change my world, hang-out situations] and I can't accept that for others today. BUT a number of people just think that those of us who are old, don't understand and we're just too mean. Couldn't not yammer at you, but you'll know what I think. Bless you.

    1. Yes I know indeed Caryjo, and I hate to see all the compromises that people seem to think we should be making. God is God, supreme over all and who are we to ever consider we know better than Him or that as time goes on that things should change. God's Word does not change.

  2. Amen! It is easy to forget, in this culture we live in, that nothing and no one deserves our worship - other than God.

    1. Yes that is so true and so many have forgotten that God alone should be our focus. Thank you for dropping in.

  3. Amen to this post! So thankful he is not just the Lord of our lives but the Lord over ALL. Yes, God is the Most High God of my life and I praise and worship him for this. --Stopping by from A Little R & R as your neighbor. Blessings Sandra!

  4. Thank you for this important reminder, Sandra! I am such a worrier, so I try to control every situation. This only leads to more stress and frustration. "He is in control in every situation." -Absolute truth!

  5. I'm just recently coming to grips with: "He is in control in every situation." I have issues with control, which leads to great issues with anxiety. Learning and trusting that He is in control brings me relief. I need to continue to release "all aspects" of my life to Him. Thank you for this much needed reminder, Sandra!

  6. This is powerful. Thank you! All that we do, work, rest, parenting, worship if our hearts are putting Him first. Great post!

  7. Our everyday lives should be lived as worship, honoring Him with all we have, do, think, say. I am stopping by from Simply Beth's Three Word Wednesday.