Christian Songs for Kids - Good News, Good News

Do you find it hard to get visuals and recordings for different kids songs?

I have always found this a problem so I am now sharing songs that I have used with children providing you with

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make one) 

(chords also available)

(mp3 or video to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.   

This month I am taking the theme of


The song I have chosen is 

Good News

Another one that I learnt when I was a teenager and started to help with

This is a short but very to the point song about how salvation is the "Good News" for us.
In a few lines the gospel is presented and the song is so easy to memorize that children very soon have those words etched in their memories telling then that Jesus has died for them.

Of course they all love it when you get to the end and you shout out the word EXTRA.


I have the original fold over card visual which I bought from CEF many years ago and it is still used often in our kid's club in a local school.

Unfortunately I can not find it for sale on the UK CEF website now but a new version with a second verse is available on the US CEF site

More recently I made a powerpoint for projection

To Download a copy of this powerpoint for printing on  A4 card  or  Letter size



Good News, Good News,

Christ died for me.
Good News, Good News,
If I believe.
Good News, Good News,
I'm saved eternally.
That's wonderful, EXTRA
Good News

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar and piano 


Very simple for this song.

For the first section of the song we clap
(up to eternally)
Then we cup our hands over our mouth to be able to shout the word
EXTRA in the second part


I believe the Words are by O.G. Lewis and the song is in the public domain
but there is also a second verse which is under the copyright of CEF
More information can be found HERE  

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.


  1. what a fun, creative way to teach your kids to praise and worship God! :D

  2. Anonymous21:02

    Thanks so much for this! Finally an innocent, truly child friendly, song that actually teaches something of value without stooping to the extreme entertainment measures of today. Please keep this kind coming!

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  4. This is a great little song for kids. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! Have a great week!

  5. This will be a great resource as we start our children's choir at church. Thanks for linking up at #made4kids! We hope to see you again next Sunday!

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  8. Thanks so much for this! I am in the Children's Church rotation and I am excited to use some of these ideas in our lessons. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday and hope you will link up again this week :)

  9. Thank you for this great resource. I have great memories of this song as a child and wanted to teach it to my classes.

  10. The links to the resources are not working. Can you provide corrected ones?

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