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Christian Songs for Kids - Dare to Be a Daniel

Some time ago I talked about not being able to find many powerpoint presentations to illustrate Christian Songs for Kids.

I had got to the point where I was making my own to use in our Church, Sunday School and an After School Bible Club our church ran in a nearby primary school each Monday.


I am going to share songs with you providing a 

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make it) 

(chords also available)

Recording / Video
(to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.  

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Today we are on the Theme of

 Bible Characters

The song I have chosen is 

Dare to Be a Daniel

This is a very short song based on the qualities of the Old Testament character Daniel.

Our children grew up singing it and now our grandchildren are enjoying this song too especially since their daddy was named after this person.


I made this presentation for projecting the words.


for printing out individual cards

To Download a copy of these pictures in A4 or Letter size
click  HERE

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Dare to be a Daniel, 
Dare to stand alone.
Dare to have a purpose firm 
And Dare to make it known.

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar or piano click  

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Dare to be a Daniel  -  
Place hands in front with palms together to show prayer 

Dare to stand alone  -  Stand to attention with arms straight down at your side

Dare to have a purpose firm  -  Point up with one hand

And Dare to make it known  -  Marching on the spot


Special "Thank You" to my husband Fred who looks after the Recordings and Chords


The words and music for this were written by P.P. Bliss

The chorus we sang for so many years is apparently simply the chorus to a song P.P. Bliss wrote which had 4 verses and was named after the first line of the song - "Standing by a Purpose True"

You can find out more about it at

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I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.

If you are interested in finding out about more 

Christian Songs for Kids 

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How to Share the Gospel on Social Media - Good News for Everyone in 90 Seconds - Coffee & Conversation

Do you need some help to share the Gospel 
on Social Media?

Do you feel you need a short interesting video to help you 
share the Gospel?

We all could do with help or instruction to help us tell others about Jesus and there are many ways we can can find help.

In this post I want to point you to a Video which will do a lot of the work for you.

When looking for videos about the Gospel we need to be sure we are looking for good reputable, reliable, Bible Based companies or individuals behind these and not just click unto Google or Youtube and search Gospel or Good News.

We also don't have enough time to search through all that would pop up on our screens from these types of searches to weed out
long-winded ones

especially when we want to get someone's attention on Social Media.

Hence I want to introduce you to a video that is

NOT boring
NOT old-fashioned
NOT long-winded


is produced by people I can fully recommend

What could be better than a direct, to the point, colourful, eye-catching
90second video

who would refuse to take a look?

"Speak Life" has produced this video (see below)

Good News in 90 Seconds

it does what it says.


You can find this and other projects by this organisation on 


Here's a direct, to the point, colourful, eye-catching way to share the Good News

For other ways to share the good news on Social Media you can see my
 Facebook Page Sandra's Ark from which you are welcome to share my Bible Verse graphics, Inspirational pics and any other posts.

What & Where is True Happiness & Joy? - Coffee & Conversation

Do we need something complicated or elaborate to make us happy?

Do we need something beautiful or intricate to make us happy?

Do we need something expensive or outlandish to make us happy?

No I believe that mostly the simplest of things make us happy.

A Silly Picture

This picture that I saw on Facebook one day really made me laugh out loud.

Photo Credit - Holiday Spirit

 A Funny Word that makes us Laugh

 A Familiar Taste

So happy that there was one Mr Frostie ice pop left in the box because I don't like the Mrs Frosties

A Sense of Satisfaction over something we Achieve.  

The highest score I have ever got for one turn in a game of Wordfeud.

When we try and plan things to be happy events or special moments or fantastic pictures, they can be spoilt by the simplest of things as well.  But some of the best events, moments or pictures are the ones we haven't thought out or planned or hoped for but have just happened when we are not thinking about them.

I am definitely a person who likes to plan things but I have to learn to sometimes just let things happen and enjoy the moments that God gives me and not just the ones I plan.

Often I have been struck by the different things that I would chose as happy moments. 

It is great to think that the majority of them do not involve spending money so who can possible claim that money brings happiness.  

Often things that bring happiness are things I have made or achieved or took part in with others and memories.

These things were perhaps not perfect and not the most beautiful but I learnt new skills and I am always ready to take some time to enjoy my memories.

There is the contact with friends and family that make me happy.   

We were happy to have all our family together for summer holidays for the previous 3 years

A hug that made me very happy when I had a headache

Then there was that ordinary day when I was very happy to be able to embed this
 Gospel Presentation Video
 by Glen Scrivener
 in my blog sidebar.

This was not something that made me laugh or was cute & made me smile.

This was not something that involved my memories.

This was not something that I had accomplished.


This was something that I knew would help to bring true happiness and in fact true joy to others.

What could make us happier than to know that others are happy too!

What can make others happy?

Where does our true happiness come from?

                   Not money and not perfection anyway!

Our true happiness is really deeper than happiness it is pure deep joy that comes from the Lord 

What and Where is True Happiness and Joy?

Can you say that you are truly happy?

Do you have this joy that nothing can take away from you?

I hope you take the time to watch the short 321 video
and share it with others too.

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Responses to the Gospel - 31 Days in Acts

Welcome to my 8th Day of 31 Days in Acts.

We are continuing on from the previous post.

Verses 5-12 of chapter 4 are very encouraging and should stand as a good example for us to follow.

First chance to speak and the Gospel is the first thing to be shared.


Because The Gospel is the most important thing.

The Gospel is the key point of everything we as Christians are called to say and do.

Everything should point us and others to Jesus.

Do we fail in this?

This is probably one of the hardest things for any of us to do but how do we get past that and learn how to share the Gospel in as many situations as we can?

We may not all be natural preachers but we don't need to be to tell others of Jesus.  We can use other people that are more gifted in that way or we can use videos, booklets, songs, poems to introduce the grace and mercy of God to others and to the Bible.

We can also make it a goal in our lives to learn from others how to present the Gospel in a conversation.

The Gospel is what the whole Bible points to & the Gospel is Jesus!

In my sidebar I have a short video called 3,2,1 and it is one way to help us 
to share the Gospel.  
Please click on the video and investigate the simple method shown there.

Verses 13 - 22

The rulers, elders & scribes saw from the way Peter & John talked that they were men who had been with Jesus.

They marvelled at the boldness of Peter & John.

They saw the healed man

They could not deny the miracle

They worried that word would spread

The response of the rulers, elders & scribes:

They commanded Peter & John not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus

The response of the people:

They glorified God

The response of Peter and John:

They could not keep silent.

verses  23 - 31

After being set free Peter & John went to join other companions (other followers of Jesus) and tell them of the day's event.

The response of their companions:

Prayer for more boldness to speak God's Word and to be used in more healings.

Prayer for signs and wonders be done in the Name of Jesus.

God's Response:

Immediate filling of the Holy Spirit.

Do we have a positive or negative response to the message of the Bible?

You can find all the other posts in this series at


Christian Songs for Kids - Good News, Good News

Do you find it hard to get visuals and recordings for different kids songs?

I have always found this a problem so I am now sharing songs that I have used with children providing you with

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make one) 

(chords also available)

(mp3 or video or both to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.   

This month I am taking the theme of


The song I have chosen is 

Good News

Another one that I learnt when I was a teenager and started to help with

This is a short but very to the point song about how salvation is the "Good News" for us.
In a few lines the gospel is presented and the song is so easy to memorize that children very soon have those words etched in their memories telling then that Jesus has died for them.

Of course they all love it when you get to the end and you shout out the word EXTRA.


I have the original fold over card visual which I bought from CEF many years ago and it is still used often in our kid's club in a local school.

Unfortunately I can not find it for sale on the UK CEF website now but a new version with a second verse is available on the US CEF site

More recently I made a powerpoint for projection

To Download a copy of this powerpoint for printing on  A4 card  or  Letter size



Good News, Good News,

Christ died for me.
Good News, Good News,
If I believe.
Good News, Good News,
I'm saved eternally.
That's wonderful, EXTRA
Good News

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar and piano 


Very simple for this song.

For the first section of the song we clap
(up to eternally)
Then we cup our hands over our mouth to be able to shout the word
EXTRA in the second part


For this song we have a sound recording and a video both shown below

I believe the Words are by O.G. Lewis and the song is in the public domain
but there is also a second verse which is under the copyright of CEF
More information can be found HERE  

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.