How to Share the Gospel on Social Media - Good News for Everyone in 90 Seconds - Coffee & Conversation

Do you need some help to share the Gospel 
on Social Media?

Do you feel you need a short interesting video to help you 
share the Gospel?

We all could do with help or instruction to help us tell others about Jesus and there are many ways we can can find help.

In this post I want to point you to a Video which will do a lot of the work for you.

When looking for videos about the Gospel we need to be sure we are looking for good reputable, reliable, Bible Based companies or individuals behind these and not just click unto Google or Youtube and search Gospel or Good News.

We also don't have enough time to search through all that would pop up on our screens from these types of searches to weed out
long-winded ones

especially when we want to get someone's attention on Social Media.

Hence I want to introduce you to a video that is

NOT boring
NOT old-fashioned
NOT long-winded


is produced by people I can fully recommend

What could be better than a direct, to the point, colourful, eye-catching
90second video

who would refuse to take a look?

"Speak Life" has produced this video (see below)

Good News in 90 Seconds

it does what it says.


You can find this and other projects by this organisation on 


Here's a direct, to the point, colourful, eye-catching way to share the Good News

For other ways to share the good news on Social Media you can see my
 Facebook Page Sandra's Ark from which you are welcome to share my Bible Verse graphics, Inspirational pics and any other posts.