Pondering the Psalms - Psalm 133

Each Sunday I choose a Psalm and write down some brief thoughts on it.

Today I'm looking at Psalm 133

This is quite a short Psalm but very important to take note of God's command here.

This Psalm falls into three parts:

V. 1
This immediately demands our attention with the word "Behold"

V. 2
First picture to give a description of us dwelling together in unity.

V. 3
Second picture to give a description of us dwelling together in unity.

Behold how good and pleasant it is when people dwell together in unity.
Here is the statement that his short Psalm is all about.
The adjectives "good" and "pleasant" are used here to focus us in with easy, clear understanding and no-one could possible say they would not be happy in a good and pleasant situation.

First Description.
Another adjective "precious" is used here to describe the oil on Aaron which signifies an anointing.
So the dwelling together in unity will be anointed.

Second Description.
This illustration of the dew on the mountains reminds us that the blessing will be a daily miracle just as God provides the land with dew daily.

Life can be good and pleasant.

It is important to remember that 
none of this 
can be taken for granted.

We need to be dwelling in unity
and that takes a conscious effort because the devil will just love to throw in those small but annoying hurts to dissolve the unity of the believers. 


Christian Songs for Kids - Good News, Good News

Do you find it hard to get visuals and recordings for different kids songs?

I have always found this a problem so I am now sharing songs that I have used with children providing you with

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make one) 

(chords also available)

(mp3 or video or both to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.   

This month I am taking the theme of


The song I have chosen is 

Good News

Another one that I learnt when I was a teenager and started to help with

This is a short but very to the point song about how salvation is the "Good News" for us.
In a few lines the gospel is presented and the song is so easy to memorize that children very soon have those words etched in their memories telling then that Jesus has died for them.

Of course they all love it when you get to the end and you shout out the word EXTRA.


I have the original fold over card visual which I bought from CEF many years ago and it is still used often in our kid's club in a local school.

Unfortunately I can not find it for sale on the UK CEF website now but a new version with a second verse is available on the US CEF site

More recently I made a powerpoint for projection

To Download a copy of this powerpoint for printing on  A4 card  or  Letter size



Good News, Good News,

Christ died for me.
Good News, Good News,
If I believe.
Good News, Good News,
I'm saved eternally.
That's wonderful, EXTRA
Good News

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar and piano 


Very simple for this song.

For the first section of the song we clap
(up to eternally)
Then we cup our hands over our mouth to be able to shout the word
EXTRA in the second part


For this song we have a sound recording and a video both shown below

I believe the Words are by O.G. Lewis and the song is in the public domain
but there is also a second verse which is under the copyright of CEF
More information can be found HERE  

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.


Erecting a New Garden Shed

If you missed the first post about our old wooden shed (which was quite some time ago) then head over to

Demolishing a Garden Shed 

first and if you don't want to read the whole post you can just watch the short time-lapse video.

Then last month ago I posted about the

Preparation for a New Garden Shed  

so you might like to click above and see the work involved there before we tackle the actual process of putting up our new shed.

We got rid of a wooden shed but we have now replaced it with a larger metal shed.

I am not going to say this project was easy, nor am I going to say it was FUNWORK because it wasn't but I am going to say that it was not me who had the hard work to do and we were all happy to see the job completed and also there was a great sense of satisfaction.

We bought a Yardmaster Shed and of course the first thing Fred did was to check up on any videos for tips on erecting one of these.

So to be completely honest about it all

The videos we found made it look easier than it really was!!

One guy seemed to be implying that he did it all himself except for when his wife helped him to lift up and carry over and place on the roof frame.
His shed was the size smaller than ours but after tackling this project we can say without a doubt that two people are needed for more than one part.

All the thanks is due to Fred & Daniel who did all the hard work.

The work was done over four days - not 4 full days due to Daniel having to work part of the time and because of breaks because of rain (we do live in Northern Ireland!).

Day One 

Fred was on his own except for when he asked me to check something with him.

First Stage  -  Organising Materials.

Unpacking of the three boxes, checking everything accounted for, laying out on paved area and patio table.

This kind of thing always takes longer than anyone would think.

Second Stage  -  Building Base Frame.

Reading instructions,  picking out correct pieces,  attaching the various lengths of the base frame together,  placing base frame on the concreted area.

The important thing here was to make sure that the electric and water connections were inside and not too close to any of the frame.

Happily Fred had measured and placed the connections carefully during the pouring of the cement base.

Third Stage  -  Building the Roof.

Reading instructions,  picking out correct pieces,  forming the front and back sections of the roof.

Reading instructions,  picking out correct pieces,  completing the roof framework.

I did have to go out and help here as it was easier for Fred to make the connections while I held parts together for him.

This was all that was completed on the first day.

The next stages would definitely need two good workers.

Day Two

Daniel came for the afternoon and evening to help his dad.

Fourth Stage  -  Frame Uprights.

Reading instructions,  picking out correct pieces,  joining the uprights to the base.

Because (at this stage) the base is not yet pinned down, the uprights can easily tilt and move the frame.  We live at the top of a hill so I had to frequently give a hand with steading the framework when the wind decided to blow through.

This part was rather tedious and time consuming.

Fifth Stage  -  Bottom Wall Panels.

Reading instructions,  checking for top and bottom of the panels,  slotting the panels between the uprights and screwing them in place.

Sixth Stage  -  Attaching Roof Frame.

Lifting and carrying over the roof frame, placing it on in exactly the right position and attaching it to the other framework.

Definitely a two-man job and glad they are both tall guys.

Seventh Stage  -  Side Panels.

Attaching the remaining side panels.

Easier and quicker paced here because they had got the hang of it earlier.

One man inside and one outside really helped here.

Day Three 

Daniel had to work so I had to help Fred but we didn't need any heavy work here.

Eighth Stage  -  Attaching Roof Panels.

Very repetitive job because there are quite a few panels to be placed and many, many screws and washers to be applied.

There are two clear panels to provide light into the shed.

Day Four 

Daniel was back to help for the final stages.

Ninth Stage  -  Attaching Sliding Doors.

Both Daniel and Fred had to work together to attach the sliding doors.

Tenth Stage  -  Securing Shed to Concrete Base.

Holes had to be drilled into the concrete at the corners and along the sides of the shed base frame.

Then the shed was bolted to the base.

Eleventh Stage  -  Filling the Shed.

All three of us then put all the things back into the shed from where we had been keeping them in the garage.

There was so much more room for them in the new shed and now there was more room in the garage again so a very happy result.

Fred of course made a short Time-lapse video this time again each day but we will not bore you with 4 days worth this time.

I don't think even I could describe this job as Funwork over Housework as it was very time consuming and hard work on us all.   But it was a job that had to be done.


10 Minute Chicken Korma

Ok this is obviously not made from scratch!

This is also made the way my husband likes it (with his favourite extra ingredient)!

However if you are like us and always (well mostly) wanting to make dinner in a hurry because there are so many other things we want to do, then you probably want some meals that are very QUICK and can be made in 10 minutes or less.

Even if you only want a 10 minute meal occasionally and you like Chicken Korma then this is for you.

Pre-cooked chicken (enough for 2 people)
Jar of Korma Sauce
3 tablespoons of desiccated coconut
3 tablespoons of icing sugar (powdered sugar)
1 bag of Microwaveable Rice ( we prefer Uncle Ben's Lemon & Rosemary)
1 small tin of pineapple rings (Fred's favourite extra ingredient!)

If you do not want 
extra coconut in your Korma 
to have it sweeter 
to include pineapple 
just ignore those parts and you can have it ready even quicker.

1.  Pour the contents of the jar of Korma Sauce into a pan over medium heat
2.  Cut up the chicken into the pan (I use scissors) and give a quick stir
3.  Add the coconut and give a quick stir
4.  Add the sugar and give a quick stir & turn up heat
5.  Place rice in Microwave to cook for 2 minutes (or whatever time the instructions state)
6.  Cut pineapple rings into pieces (again using the scissors), add to pan and give a quick stir
7.  Pour rice from bag on to two plates
8.  Quick stir again of all ingredients in the pan and then pour out on top of rice on the plates.

Of course while I'm doing most of the above, Fred cuts the pineapple, sets the table and pours out drinks.

Well it is more fun with a bit of help.

If you are like our grown up children (who do not live with us any more) then you are probably saying something like

"Oh no you can't make Korma like that!"  

While we just laugh and tuck in.


Nowhere in this blog post am I claiming that this is a healthy meal!

In our house we like to have meals we like and some of them are really healthy and some are not so healthy however the size of portion is not enormous.


Our Stories & His Stories - A Dose of Encouragement

Fred has often talked to me about life on the farm when he was young and of course we have passed those stories on to our kids too.

I have talked about when I was young but I don't think I have as many stories as Fred does.

The first date Fred & I had was a really long walk and on that walk we talked and talked. Even though we had known each other for 2 years before this we still had so much to find out.

Now when we go for a walk quite often something will remind us of something that happened years ago or a story we have already shared with each other and we will mention it or just think about it as we walk along. Those are the things that help us to get to know each other, to see the joyful expressions, sad expressions and proud expressions we have over previous years.

Those are the things that have in a way defined how we are today so we need to understand many of these things about each other.

When Fred talks about the things that happened on the farm long before I met him I can picture them and learn so much about him.

This is what happens when we walk and talk with someone.

Just as it is what happens when we walk and talk with God.

I hear Fred's stories of the farm.
I read God's stories in the Bible.

Fred & I share our feelings with each other.
I share my feelings with God in prayer and hopefully I am gracious enough to listen and grasp some of God's feelings on my situations as well.

Fred & I talk about what happens daily.
We need to talk with God daily and thank Him for having His hand upon all that happens each day.

It's Good to share our Stories

Fred & I are looking forward to our first grandchild in October so you can imagine how much talk and preparation there is for that event.
All of this needs to go to God in prayer as well.
Prayer for the baby's birth, prayer for the health of our daughter-in-law, prayer for this grandchild to grow up to love God, prayer for our son & daughter-in-law that they will have wisdom as new parents, prayer for us to be wise grandparents.

When Fred travels for his work we facetime and tell each other what has been happening that day.
We like to see each other's smile and hear each other's voice.
God loves to hear our voice each day and our smiles must make Him happy too; something we need to remember.

Even though we are celebrating 38 years of marriage this week Fred & I still talk and talk and talk and also walk together.
It is important that we each, after all these years of being saved, still talk and talk and talk and also walk with God.

Just the other day Fred was talking about something 
which I had never heard of before from his youth, 

I was surprised that here was a new story but perhaps there will always be new stories.

With God there will always be new stories 
of what He has done 
what He is doing.

With God there will always be new Stories

I want to hear of these, 
I want to be part of these,
and thank Him for them.

I hope you do too.


Pondering the Psalms - Psalm 26

Each Sunday I am going to choose a Psalm and write down some brief thoughts on  it.

Today I'm looking at Psalm 26

I'm looking at this Psalm in six parts:

V. 1-2
Who is worthy to say this to the Lord?
Do we walk in integrity?
Have we trusted without wavering?
Are we confident of having God find no fault in us when He tries us?

V. 3
The reason David says he has kept true to the Lord is firstly because God's Love is steadfast and he has recognized God's faithfulness.

V. 4-5
Secondly it is because he has kept out of evil company.

V. 6-7
Thirdly it is because he has kept about the place of the Lord, praising God and telling of His greatness.

V. 8-10
Here David expresses his love for God's House and his desire for God to accept him.

V. 11-12
Because he walks in integrity he knows he is in the right place and he is going to bless the Lord there.

3 Things stand out in this Psalm:

Questions, Relationships, Blessings.

The first two verses bring up all the questions stated above and thinking on these questions will keep us very humble because it would be impossible to meet this standard.

David recognized the steadfastness and faithfulness of God that was essential in God's relationship with him.
Then David also realized that he needed to abhor evil, stay close to God, worship God, love God's House and be acceptable to God because that was essential for his relationship with God.

David blesses the Lord because of the fact that he is in the right place and God has looked favourably on him.

Oh that we were careful to 
consider these questions, 
grow our relationships 
bless the Lord in everything.

Then we could be like David and say to God


I don't need you! - A Dose of Encouragement

I looked at something the other day and had to say to myself

"No, I can't do that.  I need Fred to be here for that."

Another day I found myself saying  

  "I need Fred to fix that."

Windows 10 was here but I was saying to myself

"I can't accept that update because I need Fred to check it out first."

Or on the phone with the kids I'm saying

"I need your father to be home to be able to do that."

"I need dad to be here long enough to be able to have a holiday."

When we were putting up the new garden shed there was one day when it was just Fred & I because our son had to work so I was continually asking Fred

"Do you need me for that bit of the shed?"

Then there are the times when I can be more independant and say

"I don't need you for that."

Often when we don't ask for help from someone it is because we don't need it.

But sometimes when we don't ask for help we do need it, we just think we don't need it.

This all got me to thinking about how dependent or independent I am and I figured out that it all depends on the situation but also depends on how I feel at times.

Sometimes I will feel like I almost want help, not just need it.
Other times I really do feel like I want to be able to do it myself and not need help from anyone.

Of course there can be a great sense of satisfaction when I can say I don't need anyone to help me, I can do it myself.

It can be hurtful too, to hear those words said to you

How many times do we hurt God when we speak and act 
as if we don't need Him?

We do need God all the time.

Yes there are times when we don't even realise we need Him because we think we can do things by ourselves but if we are truthful we know deep down that we do need Him.

We need Him for the wisdom to get through all situations.

We need Him for His hand of protection wherever we go.

We need Him for the way He loves us unconditionally.

We need Him because He is the only one that really knows and understands us.

We need Him because we are not complete without Him.

Is He always there when we need Him?


God is always there when we need Him.

But do you know something else about God?

Do you know that He does not need us?

That's true

God does not need us!

Does it seem hurtful to us to think about that?

Well God is completely self-sufficient so He does not need us - it is a simple fact about the character of God.

However there is somethings far more joyful to dwell on instead because even though God does not need us,

He Wants Us!

Selah - Stop & Think on it!

God wants You!

God doesn't NEED us, He WANTS us!