5 Essentials Items for Any Kitchen

One of the best ways to make our work in the kitchen less of a hassle is really to make it

 easier to do 


 quicker to do 



One way to do this is to have some simple but very practical tools.

I have picked out 

5 things that I automatically think of 

when I am considering  what I use often or a lot of to make things easier for me around the house.

Yes these are

5 Things I Don't Think I want to have to do Without.

1.  Clip-its

Both IKEA and Lakeland have really good sturdy clip-its and in a good variety of sizes.

However you can buy them almost anywhere now but they may not be just as good a grip.

How can we seal many bags without some of these???

Bread bags
Bags in freezer
Large crisp bags

2.  Long Handled Spoons

LAKELAND sell them but I have also bought them from pound stores

I have some that are bent so that they will sit on the edge of a mug or glass and some that are plain but I also have 2 (not pictured here) that I got in South Korea that have a larger wider spoon part whereas the others are more of a teaspoon size.

Who doesn't need something with a long handle to do some scooping???

Tall glass ice cream sundaes
Large coffee mugs
Getting to the bottom of jars of jam etc.

3.    Kitchen Scissors

LAKELAND, IKEA, Pound stores and  any supermarket now.

Different colours and sizes available, but do get ones with a good comfortable grip because if you get hooked like me you will use them constantly.  

Who doesn't have lots of occasions when it is so much easier to cut with scissors than to chop with a knife???     Well Not Tomatoes anyway!

Lots of meats and vegetables are actually easier to cut using the scissors than a knife.
So convenient for cutting foods into foods already cooking on the stove.
Also how else do you open those horrible strong plastic bags that seem to stretch as you try to pull them apart?

4.    Silicone Basting Brushes

LAKELAND and also in pound stores.

The round ones I have found to be softer and more flimsy.
But the flat ones I absolutely adore.

Who wants to battle with pieces of greased proof paper or kitchen towels to try to grease items???

Oiling and basting roasts
Putting lime or lemon juice on fish
Spreading jam or any other similar mixture on cakes etc.
Greasing dishes.

5.   Resealable Bags

IKEA have the best and at such a good price. 

These ones seal easily and well not like some others you can find other places.

They have two different boxes you can buy with two different sizes of bag in each so between all four sizes you are equipped for just about any eventuality.

Great to have bags that seal so well that the contents don't leak over everything else in the fridge or freezer and bags that can be reused over and over again.

DIY accessories like screws.
Transporting any type of food stuffs.
I have never tried soup in one but thicker foodstuffs are fine.
Freezer use as well as fridge use.

I reckon you could tell me of a few things you don't want to have to do without either.  If so let me know in a comment.


  1. Those are all great items and I love the bent/crooked spoon. What a great idea that was! OH, and I love your CD shelf...they fit perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks for dropping in Bobby, that crooked spoon sits so nicely on the edge of a mug or bowl so handy when you have a large bowl and don't want the spoon to slip down completely into the liquid

  2. We recently discovered those silicone basters -awesome!! And it's too funny, hubby kept asking for scissors in the kitchen. I was surprised and laughed at him. I did give him a older solid metal pair that is easy to sharpen and now I have no idea how I lived so long without them! They do make life so much easier when cooking!

  3. I am in search of a new kitchen gadget!!! Love those spoons. Thank you for sharing it on our Four Seasons Blog Hop.

  4. My Pruning Shears are my absolute must have. I have them in my back pocket whenever I'm out in the garden. Thanks for sharing at The Gathering Spot last week. You are my featured blogger this week! Congratulations!!! Happy Memorial Day my friend :)

    1. Hi Diane, If I was a better gardener I would have to agree with you but I do the least possible really in the garden. I am so pleased you chose my post as your feature and really honoured when I see the good posts that get linked up. Thank you.

  5. I use my kitchen scissors so much, I definitely wouldn't want to be without them!

    1. Yes indeed Rachel, I don't know what I did before I had them. Thanks for dropping in.

  6. I am a big fan of those Ikea disposable bags, last time I was on holiday I used practically a whole box for my suitcase packing!
    Wren x

    1. Yes another great use for them, thanks for dropping in Wren.

  7. I think my reusable sandwich bags are my biggest item, I use them all the time. Hello from Inspire Me Monday.

    1. Hi Melissa nice to meet you. Definitely where would we be without resealable bags these days. Thanks for dropping in.

  8. Thanks you for sharing at Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again next week!

  9. My kitchen shears are my favorite. I actually use the Betty Crocker ones from Dollar Tree and I occasionally use them for other things than in the kitchen because if I ruin them, well they're just a dollar.
    I also love my mini cutting boards--great for all my little chopping things like apples or tomatoes. Since I don't have a dishwasher in my apartment, it's nice to have the little ones that are easier to stand in my dish rack and so easier to wash and dry.
    I have a cup with a lid and straw that go with it that goes everywhere with me around the house. I keep it filled with water to keep hydrated. It's so helpful to have 1 dedicated to water so I don't wash a million cups every day.
    Your bent spoons are so cool!

    1. Yes the water cup is important isn't it. Good idea too to save on the washing up time and effort.

  10. Anonymous20:17

    That CD unit looks neat, clean and very practical! I've got me some of your basting brushes! I have a wooden one with hair, but it's a pain to clean:( Thanks for the tip!

  11. The kitchen scissors and the silicone brushes are staples in my kitchen too...

  12. What a simple list. I never thought of things I couldn't live without....something to ponder.

  13. The spoons are very cool, especially the bent one. I never saw one like it before.
    scissors in the kitchen--a must have for sure!

  14. fair play! It's amazing what we sometimes discover in our own homes - I recently did some renovation work and couldn't believe what came out of some of my presses!

  15. I use my kitchen scissors for everything!

  16. Crooked spoon? how cool is that!!!