The Third Coffee Mug - A Dose of Encouragement

I love to read little phrases that may be clever or humorous 
and I love going round craft shops or gift shops.  

        One day in Cookstown many years ago, I found a nice shop and spent an enjoyable time wandering round picking out some very early Christmas presents. 

The shop had a great display of mugs and of course I found one which I couldn’t resist.  

Firstly its design was in blue (which is by far my favourite colour I even wrote a post on it "I Love The Colour Blue" and I would probably have everything in my house blue if Fred would let me) and secondly the words on it amused me.  
         It read  

                      “I would get organised except it would only confuse everyone”. 

I bought it for my husband Fred because he told me that his desk at work was always a mess and I thought he could use the mug at work.  However the nice blue design was rather a floral design and I felt that Fred might not appreciate it, so I kept it for myself.  

          Anyway, I was always trying to get organised, I had a small two drawer filing cabinet in the kitchen, two drawers of my roll-top desk were filing drawers and the large drawer at the bottom of the computer armoire was also a filing drawer.  With all of these you would think that all our papers etc. would be organised and nothing misplaced or forgotten about; but no! 

Even though 

 I rarely end up completely organised.

In fact I'm pretty good at starting and not finishing things.  I'm good at getting everything out to rearrange cupboards etc. and taking ages to get it all back in again.

Fred often asks me why it is that every time I say I am sorting out something, he finds me in the middle of a mess.  

 My answer is 

 "you can’t tidy up properly without making a mess".  

I know that sounds stupid but it makes sense to me. 

When you are organising things you need to have piles or boxes for 

  • Things you will throw out
  • Things you will donate or give away
  • Things to keep
  • Things you like and know you don't really need but you don't want to part with.

Some day I will have a 

 but not just now.  

The only problem is that this can often affect my spiritual life too. 

  • When to read the Bible?
  • Where to read the Bible?
  • What to read in the Bible?
  • When to pray?
  • Where to pray?
  • What to pray about?
  • When to study?
  • How to study?

I kept thinking I must organise how I read, pray and study the bible; so then I would want to try to plan it all out in advance and decide when the best time was and method was but then I would get started and change my mind.

Let’s face it if I tried to wait until I got all that organized perfectly,

then I’d never be found in a quiet place with God.

So I knew I could not have it just perfectly organised and instead 

I just had to do it.

because otherwise I would never learn from the promises, love, mercy, grace, compassion of Jesus and the instructions God has given us.

Of course that was all years ago when I had the kids at home, I was working and Fred travelled a lot with work so perhaps the reason for not being properly organised was due to all of that.  

So now then when the kids are grown and away from home and  I am not working things can be organised perfectly can't they?

   No, not at all, it is just the same now as then.

(except I don't have that coffee mug now because it got broken some years ago)  

and I know

I just have to do it.

So I'm thankful God doesn't wants us to do it absolutely perfectly
 but just wants us to do it to the best of our ability and His Holy Spirit
 will help us with the rest.

Are you like me?
Or perhaps you have no problems at all with organising your quiet times with God.


  1. That is exactly like me! And I thought I was the only one who that bad, well except for my husband whose name also happens to be Fred. He's worse and has always been a pack rat, he inherited it which I found out when I went to his sisters house for the first time. Before I married him almost 8 year ago I had my own apartment and two cats and it was always neat and tidy and organized. It has taken me all these years living with him to become the person I am now. But I have to say that when we met I started going to church with him where he went, at the time I didn't have a church and it was the church I grew up in. We have since changed denominations due to some changes in the church's bylines or guidelines or whatever they call them. Now I don't believe it is Biblical so we go to another church. But I am so glad someone else's life is similar to mine, it makes me feel better. I would rather do Bible study or read devotionals online than do housework any day. And I do spend a LOT of time doing those things, but I need to spend more time in actual prayer and not just talking to him off and on all day when I really don't have time to listen for the small voice. If I had that little garage I would never be able to park in it anyway because I have problem with judging distances, but your view is beautiful and you get to live in Ireland which I think is wonderful. I live in the USA and things here aren't real good right now if you're a Christian, I'm sure you've hear about all the stuff going on over here. But God is taking care of it and it's in His hands so I just trust in Him. My kids are grown and live almost at the Canada border and I'm a few hours drive from the Gulf of Mexico which I don't like since I don't get to see my 7 grandchildren as often as I would like..thank you for sharing, it really hit home. I'm going to start on my sewing pile in the guest room but I have to clean the kitchen and bathrooms first....and it goes on and on.

    1. Hi Linda, I think we have a few things in common. All our kids are away from home and some in different parts of the world to us. I hope your Fred is as good as mine and you are very blessed together. As for the organising, sometimes it matters and sometimes other things are just far more interesting!

  2. I go back and forth... For several months I'll have a great habit of being organized in my times with God. I'll have the place prepared, my Bible ready and my journal by my side. Then, I'll go through a stage of struggling to find the right time to sit quietly before Him. However, no matter what stage in my life I am, I always stay connected to Him through prayer and His word. I just don't always have it organized. And as you wrote above, God doesn't want us to do it absolutely perfectly. He simply wants us...our hearts and souls. And He has mine!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Hi Joan, I've been enjoying linking up with Sharing His Beauty and thanks for the encouragement.

  3. You are right...things don't have to be perfect...just do it! Most people striving to be perfect miss out on the the fun of really living outloud with our faith. Sometimes I take my quiet time with me where ever I have to go, and have it a little later in the mornigs when thing slow down...the important part is having it, not how perfect your setting is or if it is on time or not. This works for me personally, maybe not others. Great post. :)

    1. Exactly Cathy, the actual time we spend with God is far more important than when or where and we are all going to be different.

  4. "I'm thankful God doesn't wants us to do it absolutely perfectly but just wants us to do it to the best of our ability and His Holy Spirit will help us with the rest." Me too!! I have young ones & it's hard to get one on one with God, but like you said "just doing it" is always the proper time for me. He's always reachable if I'm reaching! Btw, years ago I had a teacher with a sign that read "A messy desk is the sign of a genious." :) I often think of that when I observe the mess in my house. I'm learning it's ok! It's all good in one way or another! :) Blessings to you...& your mess! ;)

    1. Hi Kaylene, I have a framed verse in my kitchen about a messy kitchen being a happy one. Mess is not always bad but sometimes I just have too much of it.

  5. Love this, and smiling at the thought. I just go with the my mess and trust God for all the rest! ;) Thanks for the smile.

  6. I could use some organization! My desk is a mess, kitchen table overflows with yesterdays mail, and my closed must do the remove, give away thing soon Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” At:

  7. It does always make a mess when we try to organize. I need to be careful or it can stay messier than it looked to start off when I don't take or end up with enough time to finish what I started.

    1. Why Judith that sounds just like me talking.

  8. Fantastic and absolutely true points here, Sandra. I am pretty good organizer which helps my spiritual life but sometimes it also distracts me from the flexibility God wants me to have in life. Thanks for sharing this over at #EverydayJesus.

  9. Great fun message in a neatly organized package :) Loved it!
    Blessings ...Shari @ and stopping by from Thank Goodness it's Thursday

    1. Hi Shari nice to meet you thanks for dropping in with some encouragement for me.

  10. Anonymous12:34

    With all the bustle and noise in our house, there isn't much time for quiet reflection. But I'm often reminded that God is with me in the chaos AND in the quiet, and it makes my soul happy.

    1. Hi Emma thanks fro dropping in. The time when the children are young is like that but as you say He is still with us whether we have quiet or noisy or even tired time.

  11. I love the whole organizational process. But I laughingly tell people I just don't like to keep it that way. My creative side gets in the way. Long ago I learned tat if I keep my quite time "needs" in a basket by my chair then I'm ready to spend time with God. Seems like I never "have" the time--I have to make it.

    1. True Pamela, we do have to make that time, thanks for dropping in.

  12. So grateful for you, friend! XO

  13. I hear you! I love being organized, I could spend all day simply putting my to-dos in order. Of course nothing would then get done... And time with my Heavenly King, has to be more important. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you don't mind, but I had to share this with Salt & Light, since I enjoyed it so much! (


    1. Hi Marissa, I am so glad you enjoyed the post and I am honoured that you chose to pass it on for others to see. Thank you.

  14. I loved this post!! I look like I am organized and in many ways I am but there are things that I need to do always waiting to get done. I liked your mug and what it said. Too bad it broke! I loved how you turned our thoughts to the Lord and used a verse to sum it all up at the end.

    1. Exactly Judith I would look at you and say you must be so organised when I see your blog and lots of people always think that I am organised and I would love to be and try to be but I'm not. Thanks for the encouragement.

  15. I love that you can reframe your thoughts in a more positive and grateful way. Thank you for linking up for #thankfulthursday