What a difference a Sneeze Makes - A Dose of Encouragement

               I love a good sneeze, don’t you?  

I quite enjoy two or three sneezes at a time but when you have to sit beside someone who sneezes not just once, or twice or three times in a row but ten or twelve times it can put you off sneezes for life. 

When I was a teenager I was at a computer course with a range of students from other schools (yes those were the days before all schools had IT on the curriculum).  How well I remember the first afternoon on that course when the guy sitting beside me started to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze.  Everyone turned round at different times to see who was sneezing and at one stage the teacher stopped talking to stare in our direction.

Later in the church I attended for many years there was this guy who once he started to sneeze seemed like he wasn't going to stop and everyone would start saying 


but would then get fed up after 3 or 4 times.

Everywhere I went this guy would be sneezing and people would always think he was coming down with a cold or flu or something worse and often he would get such bad looks from people.

Well, I suppose I'll have to admit that I was in lots of the same places as this guy because this was the guy that I fell in love with all those years ago (even with the sneezing power and volume).  

This is the guy I have been married to for almost 37 years and he still has a powerful sneeze and yes will still sneeze lots of times in a row.

I can recognise Fred's sneeze anywhere.  

And this sneeze has helped me out on several occasions.

Many times when we lived in America and would be in those really, really large superstores Fred would wander off to look at some of the things that interested him more than regular shopping did.
Then when I would be finished shopping and I was getting tired and just wanted to get through the checkout and go home I would not have a clue where he was. 

That's when his sneeze was a beautiful sound to my ear.

He would sneeze and I would hone in on his location, waiting of course until he was finished sneezing before I would actually join him because I'd rather avoid the stares and in some cases pitying looks of the people nearby.

Now you are probably thinking 

               "that's ok he's her husband, she's with Him all the time so of course she'll know the sound of him" 

and yes that is my point

I know my husband really well and the rest of my family really well.

You will know your family really well too!


Can we recognise the Holy Spirit's prompting anywhere?   anytime?

Do we know the Holy Spirit well enough to know how He works through each of us personally?

I know my husband well enough because I have known him for many years and because I spend a lot of time with him.

So when he sneezes 

I know from experience that he hasn't got those
 allergies that people will be absolutely certain he must have because he sneezed a lot in their presence.

I know the difference between the way he has always been or whether he is taking the flu.

I don't have to think twice or pose the question to myself "is that Fred or not?" when I hear his sneeze.

That is exactly how we should be about the Holy Spirit.

Even just recently I have found myself sitting thinking yet again
" is this the Holy Spirit talking to me or not?"

After all this time I should be more honed in to the way He talks to me, to the way He impresses things on my mind, to the sudden bits of information He gives me.
Yet still many times I will hesitate to step out and do what He wants me to do.

We shouldn't have to take time to ponder and try to work out if the Holy Spirit is speaking to us or encouraging us to so something because we should recognize His way of working in us.


Well just what we do with our husbands and families.

Love them. 
Spend time with them. 
Be prepared to listen to them and not do all the talking ourselves.

No one can know your family better than you through all the years so in the same way no one is going to be able to tell you when the Holy Spirit is prompting you, only you can.

And if we can manage in OUR family where we ALL like to talk and butt in and add our piece to the conversation, then you can too.


  1. I feel like my primary family is God. As an orphaned and adopted person, God is all I had. Despite the fact that I didn't actively seek him as a child, I never doubted he was a part of my life. I see him everywhere, even the green traffic lights are like him smiling upon me. When he wants to "talk to me" he makes an impression on my heart. He has an inner voice that is strong but gentle. I should practice explaining myself better.

    I like how you linked your husband's sneeze to your relationship with God. I believe that we can do that with everything. I've been able to see God's message even through secular media. He does not hide. He is everywhere if we have the eyes to see him.


    1. Hi Meredith, it is good to recognise our heavenly father in everything and keep on learning about him, thanks for dropping in.

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    1. Hi there, it is nice to meet another reader from Finland.

  3. I was laughing early on reading this! Love how you tied a sneeze (or ten of them) and the Holy Spirit together! :) have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi again Kaylene, glad you were laughing so was I, that man of mine does make me laugh.

  4. So impressed with your connection! Great post - I giggle as I think of my husbands sneeze . . . I'd know it anywhere!

    1. Hi again Lisa, Yes I can't help but smile when I hear it, even something like that can be precious because they are precious to us.

  5. Great post, Sandra. I enjoyed it and loved how you asked if we would know the Holy Spirit's presence.

    You said that you used computers in high school....and I thought how you must be younger because we sure didn't have computers in my high school way back in the day. Then you said that you were married almost 37 years. We've been married 35 and so you have me puzzled ;-) Don't worry, you look very young.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Judith.

      We got married at 20 and will be 37 years married at the end of August. Yes we went to the Technical college to learn about computers, the schools didn't have them yet and they were those large things and we had to learn one of the computer languages to write short programs but it meant lines and lines and lines just to print out a small message. The computer used punched cards and each short program meant a big bundle of these cards. Now we laugh about it as the young guys these days wouldn't know what a punched card was.

  6. I loved your story and how you turned it into a spiritual lesson. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” At:

  7. What a fun analogy, Sandra-- I laughed at your very first line because while my husband LOVES a good sneeze I am not a fan. (Sometimes I sneeze so hard it hurts. No thanks.) But I love the connection you made. Thanks again for link up over at #EverydayJesus!

  8. I love this...especially the illustration of time abd relationship together to draw us to revelation in our relationship with the Lord. ;)

    1. Dawn thank you so much for your encouragement.

  9. I love a good, healthy, robust sneeze! It feels good. Everyone has a distinctive ah-choo. My Grandmother always sneezed three times as do I. Must be in the genes. Fun post.

  10. Anonymous23:44

    Nice post for the letter S.

  11. Terrific post....I can usually get rid of a headache with a nice natural sneeze, so I always look forward to one when I have a headache! Love how you tied it in with the Holy Spirit's presence. Catching up on Alphabe-Thursday♪

  12. This analogy is AWESOME! I should be able to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit that easily, that seamlessly. There should be no confusion.