Pondering the Psalms - Psalm 20

Each Sunday I am going to choose a Psalm and write down some brief thoughts on  it.

Today I'm looking at Psalm 20 

I first looked at this Psalm in some depth in 2001 for a devotional time at a CEF committee meeting and then I was drawn back to it in 2004 for a devotional at a Ladies prayer meeting and yet again this week it was this Psalm I felt I wanted to go to.

Looking at this in the order of the verses:

V. 1-3
May God answer you, protect you, send you help, support you, remember your offerings, have favour on your sacrifices.

V. 4-5
May God grant your heart's desire, fulfill your plans and your petitions.

V. 6
The Psalmist knows that God will help, answer, bring salvation.

V. 7-8
Because of all this
We trust in God
We rise and stand and are not fallen down

V. 9
The Psalmist cries out to God in confidence.

This Psalm is like David proclaiming a Blessing on us and we should accept it like that.

What more could we look for  (v4)

The answer to all of our prayers  (v5)

There is something else that stands out in verses 1 & 7

The name of the Lord is so important.
The name of the Lord defends us and we must remember the name of the Lord
That is where our trust must be.

We can trust in the Name of the Lord

We can trust in the Name of the Lord.

What else does this Psalm teach us to do?

We should be like David and speak blessings on each other.
To Bless someone means to wish them every happiness by invoking divine favour upon them.

We should also Bless God.

What does it mean to Bless God?

It means we are to extol Him as Holy.

To me the focus of this Psalm is acknowledging 

the greatness of God's blessing 
to us and through us
the trust we can have in His Name.

Nothing is greater than the Blessing of God


  1. The Psalms are such a beautiful book. Enjoyed your post today!

  2. Oh how I love the Psalms! Thanks so much for walking us through this! Beautiful!

  3. "Speak blessings on others." How wonderful if we did this all the time. So often our words are used to tear others down, especially those closest to us. How much nicer to shower them with God's blessings. Thank you, Sandra

  4. Found you on Thankful Thursdays!! Great post and reminder that God is our everything. I turn to the Psalms for so much support. I love how you mention that the Name of the Lord protects us. He is my protector and provider <3

  5. I enjoyed this, Sandra. Verses 6 and 7 I have memorized - ...the Lord saveth his anointed, he will hear him... wonderful verses. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

  6. I LOVE how the Lord leads us in the blessing of praise and grace through the Psalms. They are some of my favorite pieces in His Word to dwell near.
    Thanks for sharing your study with us.

  7. I sent this Psalm to a friend who was struggling in her marriage, focusing on what the army/husband etc did instead of trusting in God... Makes such a difference in how we handle life! Gods word is so powerful. Thanks for this, Sandra.

  8. I love reading the Psalms!! Psalm 20 is especially encouraging to me, though! I also post different verses from the book of Psalms on my blog somegtimes - I call these posts "Honey for the Heart". Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds -