Pondering the Psalms - Psalm 26

Each Sunday I am going to choose a Psalm and write down some brief thoughts on  it.

Today I'm looking at Psalm 26

I'm looking at this Psalm in six parts:

V. 1-2
Who is worthy to say this to the Lord?
Do we walk in integrity?
Have we trusted without wavering?
Are we confident of having God find no fault in us when He tries us?

V. 3
The reason David says he has kept true to the Lord is firstly because God's Love is steadfast and he has recognized God's faithfulness.

V. 4-5
Secondly it is because he has kept out of evil company.

V. 6-7
Thirdly it is because he has kept about the place of the Lord, praising God and telling of His greatness.

V. 8-10
Here David expresses his love for God's House and his desire for God to accept him.

V. 11-12
Because he walks in integrity he knows he is in the right place and he is going to bless the Lord there.

3 Things stand out in this Psalm:

Questions, Relationships, Blessings.

The first two verses bring up all the questions stated above and thinking on these questions will keep us very humble because it would be impossible to meet this standard.

David recognized the steadfastness and faithfulness of God that was essential in God's relationship with him.
Then David also realized that he needed to abhor evil, stay close to God, worship God, love God's House and be acceptable to God because that was essential for his relationship with God.

David blesses the Lord because of the fact that he is in the right place and God has looked favourably on him.

Oh that we were careful to 
consider these questions, 
grow our relationships 
bless the Lord in everything.

Then we could be like David and say to God


  1. I just love the Psalms. I find such comfort and inspiration in them. In the KJV it says Judge me oh Lord...which i love. Also in 26:2 it says Examine me...try my reins and heart- When I read that I find myself opening myself up to that he can allow me to see my weakness and show me where and how to improve.

    1. lovely, opening yourself up and improving all with God's help.

  2. The Psalms are beautiful and comforting, and it's nice to know that even with all the mistakes that David made, that he was still loved and held dear by God.

  3. I read a chapter or two in the book of Psalms every day after I finish reading my main reading selection each morning. No matter how many times I've read those chapters, there is always something new to be found. Knowing the same God who loved, cared for and protected David is the same God who loves, cares for and protects me. - An amazing feeling! Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursdays, Sandra.

  4. This is short and simple and breaks the psalm down in a way that's easy to digest. Thank you!

  5. Appreciate how you drew out the "big rocks" of this Psalm. So interesting! Thank you, Sandra.