4 Accidents and a ...... (pt2) - A Dose of Encouragement

It all happened in July 1983 

    when our son Jonathan was 

               only 10 months old.  

He had fallen asleep in his car seat in the back of the car, I had fallen asleep in the front passenger seat, and then Fred fell asleep at the wheel.
We were on the motorway on the way home from Belfast and of course Fred was not supposed to be asleep.  

We all woke up when we collided with a mini bus in front.  

Not a scratch on any one of us, not a scratch on any of the teenagers in the mini bus, not much of a scratch on the mini bus, but our car was a right off.  

You see we had only slightly hit the mini bus but that had sent the car out of control and we banged into, and scraped along, the security barrier at the centre of the motorway and then swerved over and scraped along the barrier at the side of the motorway.

Regardless of all that impact on the car we were kept from harm 
by our Father God.

          The driver of the minibus was a policeman and would not let us leave the scene until we could show proof of our insurance.  A police car arrived and we were then entertained by the policemen allowing Jonathan to press buttons in the car to set off the lights and siren.  
After about an hour my parents managed to get into our house 50 miles away, find our car insurance policy and get it to the police station in Londonderry.  We were then taken by police car to the station in Antrim and spent another hour there waiting for my parents to arrive to take us home. 

          My father was never particularly keen on driving very long distances so as soon as he walked into the police station he handed his car keys over to Fred and told him to drive us all home.  

I couldn’t believe it, there was my father a very cautious driver and a very particular man telling someone who had just had an accident, to drive his car home.  This is the same man who washed his car every week and would have known any little mark that was on it, and he calmly handed over his keys to someone who had just wrecked their own car.  When I asked him about it he just said he trusted Fred to drive us home he said Fred wasn't going to fall asleep again.

I am so thankful that God is just like that.

No matter what silly thing we do he is ready to give us that second chance, provided we are ready to admit we were wrong and look to Him instead of ourselves.

Can you believe that God will be like that with you?

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