I Love Marriage - A Dose of Encouragement

Well I definitely have to say that

I agree with Marriage as God defined it.

Not only because that is the marriage that I undertook all those many years ago but also because I know that God only has what's best for us and so Marriage as He defined it is what is best for me and for everyone else He created.

I would tell anyone that I love my marriage and that I love the institution of marriage.

I have experienced marriage and what it has meant in my life.

I am not saying here that being married is better than being single. What I am saying is that my life would be different if I was not married as I see what God has done in my life through my marriage and it was the way He wanted to work in me.

God created marriage so it is a good thing, not always perfect because we are not perfect, but it is a good thing.

There is a great bond between two people in a marriage but also a bond between those two people and God.

I believe that Marriage can be an example of the security, hope and promise God has appointed for our eternal future with Him.

I Love the fact that God cares about all the ways we feel in relationships and He created marriage to be the true proper foundation for our romantic relationship.

I also believe the Bible is God's Word and it is truth so I agree with

Many people will quote the first verse above in Colossians about the wives and forget about the others, simply because they want to pick on how women are to be treated and complain that it is not right for this day and age.

Then others will quote the first two in Colossians and say it is a two-sided thing submitting and ruling over.

Then others will bring in  Ephesians 5 v 25 where we have the advice to consider Christ and the church which is great because we see that unconditional love exemplified for us.

But how many will bring all of these verses into the equation?

All are wise and helpful to us but surely it is only when we take them all together plus the context of the passages surrounding them that we truly get the best marital advice. 

My husband also believes in Marriage as God intended it to be 

and in the three sets of verses quoted above 

and I am thankful for that because if he didn't 

then our marriage would have been very different.

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  1. What a lovely post! I love marriage too and feel truly blessed. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Yes we are blessed through our marriage.

  2. I love marriage, too! My husband and I went through a rough path a couple of years ago and I didn't really love it... but as we have become friends and started really seeking what God wants for us as family... there's no place I'd rather be. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad to hear that Lauren and welcome to my Ark.

  3. I love marriage too. Sometimes it is hard, but I love my husband and all he does for me and the fact that he is always there and I can be me with him. He knows everything about me.

  4. Congratulations on 37 years. That's wonderful! I loved the way you explain your feelings about it and I agree.

  5. Great post Sandra. Marriage is the example (but a small glimpse) of our eternity with Christ. Also great job on sticking with the challenge.

  6. Marriage is hard work--but it's worth it. It think its sad that so many people give up on it when it gets rough. Congratulations on your 37 years!

  7. Agree. I thank God for my husband (a man after God's own heart) and our blessed, Christ-centered marriage! God designs marriage to be a lifetime union between one man and one woman and intends marriage to be a picture of the intimate relationship/union between Christ and His Church.

  8. Anonymous22:21

    37 years-impressive today. Congratulations and thank you for your example of a Godly marriage! :)

  9. The husband's duty is to love his wife, and the wife is to respect her husband. No mention to love him and I think that strange. A wife needs to love and respect her mate. Congratulations on 37 years married and may you enjoy another 37 years ahead. I always enjoy your entries - - Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

  10. "My husband also believes in Marriage as God intended it to be and in the three verses quoted above and I am thankful for that because if he didn't then our marriage would have been very different."

    Regarding what you wrote above, this is the blessing of being married to a God-fearing man. My marriage grows more glorious each day as my husband and I grow closer to the Lord each day.

    Thank you for sharing your encouraging posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

  11. Marriage is a beautiful thing Sandra. Congratulations on 37 years of marriage. Thanks for sharing your post in our Sunday Share link up.

  12. Marriage is hard work, but it is a work of love-- and I love it too!

  13. It's great that you have such a great understanding of marriage. It's hard work but as long as both partners are committed to each other it will certainly work out :)

  14. I never found the right man, unless you count the boy I went out with in high school. Lost him... {:-D

  15. Wonderful post for M ~ relationships are love and yet takes lots of compromising ~ give and take ~

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  16. I agree with you here! I have been married for 31years this May 3rd! I know how God has worked in my life and I also see His goodness in the life of a very good friend who never married. It is interesting to see this post and know how it makes me smile to see those that committed one way or the other to the Lord's work for us. Tahnk you for sharing.

  17. Anonymous22:32

    A good marriage is a blessing, and a not-so-good one can be a strain. My sad point is that the kids are the victims... Congratulations to you and your hubby!