A Fan for Christmas - A Dose of Encouragement

Children make a lot of crafts at school and Sunday School especially at special times like Christmas.

How many times have you run out of magnets to attach another picture created especially for you?

Some people keep all of their children's pictures but we didn't,

     we just enjoyed them at the time

          and then enjoyed the next one

               and the next one

                    and the next......

However some other things the children have made for us or bought us have been kept and one of these things is one of the decorations Fred and I put up on our Christmas Tree last week.

I have never worked out what a fan has to do with Christmas but then I suppose a lot of the decorations we have for this festive time do not really relate to Christmas time so why should this one have to.

It is gold and green and tones in with what we expect colour schemes to be at Christmas time.

It was made by our son Daniel many, many years ago and although we do not wrap it up carefully each year as we do with some of the other ornaments for the tree, it has never got damaged in all the years.

But even though this fan does not remind me especially of Christmas or the Bible it does remind me of Love.

Daniel made it carefully and it was well-made.

He gave it to us for the tree and even though this was probably prompted by his teacher, all these years later I see Love in this simple tree decoration.

I don't particularly think Daniel was thinking about how much he loved us when he gave it to us but I do know that because it was made by him that I love it.

It certainly is not because of the colours as I am not very fond of green but you see colours do not mean anything in this case.  It is the fact that this was made by my son, that is special to me.

God also took delight in His Son Jesus and His actions.

God even spoke out and told people how pleased He was with His Precious Son.

Do we speak favourably about our children?

Do we tell others how much we love our children?

Do we tell our children how much we love them?

The next time you see something that was given to you by your child or made by them think about when you last told them how precious they are to you.

If it was a while ago, go tell them now.

But even more importantly

if we are trusting in Jesus and know the importance of Christmas,

the Love that was expressed at Christmas and the love later expressed by Jesus on the cross 


are we speaking out about Christmas

and are we speaking out about Jesus


God's Love for us?

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