Easy Kids Heart Banner - With FREE Printable

I decided to make a Banner for the PreSchool Age Sunday School Class for Valentine's Day

Of course this could also be simply used as banner at any time of the year and is something a child could make or be helped to make for a friend as a craft at home or at Sunday School.

Basically I wanted something simple & quick to make and for which I would not need to buy extra supplies.

So I came up with this "Jesus Loves Me" banner.


White A4 card
Remnants of Ribbon (or long piece of string)

The link for the Free Printable for this banner can be found at the bottom of this blog post.


First thing was to get on the computer
(so difficult for me as I am never ever on the computer - sarcasm here)

I used Ipiccy to make pictures of the hearts with the letters inside them.
Some of the letters are repeated in the phrase so I did not have to do every single letter.

I left the original blank one in case I decided I would like to use the same heart outline for another project.


This depends on how large you actually want your letters to be.

I felt for the smaller room that it would be big enough to have each heart less than the size of an A6 card so that meant that I could have 5 to each A4 card

Then I used Powerpoint to set out the letters I needed on an A4 sized slide and printed out all the letters involved including 3 blank hearts - never waste space and they can always be used later if not needed now.


The cutting out was the most tedious part but I normally do that while I'm watching something on TV so not so bad and of course never waste time.


I hunted through all my remnants of ribbon to see if I would have enough pieces to put together to form a long ribbon to which I could attach all the hearts.
Spacing out the hearts to see how long this ribbon needed to be.

Thank goodness I have a long kitchen table.


Then I chose the thicker longer ribbon but I could have used the thinner off white ribbon pieces and glued them together behind hearts to make it long enough.

There were 3 reasons for choosing the thicker ribbon
          1.  long enough without having to piece lengths together
          2.  thick enough to not have to be so precise with the glue
          3.  it was actually decorated with little hearts too

Simple Heart Banner Kids Craft - Quick & Easy to make With FREE Printable

So I placed all the letters carefully alongside to get the right spacing before pressing each letter against the glue dots on the roll of dots.

Each heart got some glue in two places (the tops of the curves)

Before I pressed them all unto the ribbon.

As you can see I used glue dots because they make this type of thing so easy, neater & much quicker than using my glue gun.

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  1. Using up remant ribbons totally counts as decluttering in my book...and I love the banner. Where did you hang it?

  2. Lovely banner! Valentines Day has always been a special day in our home.

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  5. What a nice looking banner... and I love that it means something instead of just being some silly saying. :)

  6. This looks really good. The process seems easy enough. Can try it with my cousins. Thank you!!

  7. What a great project. And using up ribbon is definitely decluttering in my book.

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    Thank you for linking up with us for Pinworthy Wednesday!

  9. Such a sweet activity - this would be so fun for my girls and I to do together for Valentine's day :) Thanks for sharing!

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    Really glad you stopped by #FridayFrivolity Sandra! So happy to meet you. :) Pinning and tweeting!

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    This is creative and timely.

  12. Anonymous15:06

    A great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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