What Do You Believe In? - A Dose of Encouragement

This word


                   is on the lips of everyone around us.

It is

    Printed in Wall stencils.

        Found on free Printables.

            Cropping up in digital scrapbooking.

There are many home decor shops sporting  "believe" plaques - and I have one in my bathroom which I have mentioned in two previous posts
  5 Little Touches  &  Happiness, Happiness

On Facebook I see this word often.

People use it to encourage others.

But my question today is

The definitions of the word BELIEVE is

accept that (something) is true, especially without proof,  
 to trust (in something)

So the answer to my question is  NO  it doesn't make sense on its own.

It is dependant on something else with it so that we can have a proper understanding.

Any time I sit and look at my plaque I am challenged to consider what I believe in, what words I would add.

Now what would you rather have with it?

What comes with the word believe is important, not just anything will do.

We can't just glibly say we believe in any old thing now can we?

I have a piece of word art for digital scrapbooking that says

I also have a butterfly plaque in my ensuite which says Believe in Miracles.

I know which of these I would rather choose to believe in.

Do you?

And I am happy & joyful that I know this.

I want to encourage you today to think about what you really believe in, what you trust in and what you would stand up and be counted for.

I believe in God the Father, 

Son and Holy Spirit 

 His Word, the Bible.

I'm glad I know who I believe in and that I can depend on Him and His Word.

Let's stand up and be counted for believing in

What is True and Dependable